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Best Wooden Floor Polishing in Gurgaon

Wooden Floors that are free from Moulds & Mildews make twice the Comfort— we create such Comfort and Comeliness @ Cost-So-Conserving. We provide best Wooden Floor Polishing Services in Gurgaon at the best cost.


A great number of present-day hardwood floors have a polyurethane finish. These finishes are nowadays especially produced on hardwoods to give a glossy finish that protects and seals the wooden floor. However, running time and lack of maintenance leads to depreciation of the finish, just like with any other movable or immovable asset.

Pro Tip: Strictly avoid using a wax (Hartwachs) on polyurethane or sealed hardwood floor.

Types of Wooden Surface for Floors

What Type of Flooring Should You Get?

With wooden flooring, you’ve got options to choose; we've got the best advice you need

What you choose as your big area cover will certainly have an impact on the look, feel and use of each dedicated space in your house.

To get you going, here's a quick at-a-glance guide to different many types of flooring that you can choose as per your need and budget.

Types of Wooden Floors for Homes & Offices

A. Hardwood Flooring

Suitable for: Kitchen, corridors, rooms, sunrooms, Living areas @ a

premiums levels up as high as Rs900-1000/square foot.

Positive: One of the long-lasting types of wooden flooring which is beautiful, inviting that goes with any décor. One of the superlative and often used wood floor that is dynamic enough to be installed indoors. This kind of solid wood flooring can be refinished as many number of times which only make it more lustrous if done correctly.

Negative: Since Solid wood flooring is disposed to moisture - it's not ideal for bathrooms, basement, and garden area or laundry rooms. It needs uptight maintenance to retain its finish. It’s costly comparative to its other wooden counterparts.

B. Engineered Wood Flooring

Suitable for: kitchen, entryway, basement, living halls @ a

Positive: The laminate building of engineered wood flooring offers great strength and firmness. Because the top veneer is natural wood, thus this has all of wood's organic mellowness and loveliness. It can be used in garden entryway and basements, and the click-together kind is demonstrative of DIY. Varieties include parquet flooring tiles (seating, theatre seating room).

Negative: The original wood surface of engineered wood flooring is disposed to indentation & roughening. It cannot be polished to restoration more than once.

C. Laminate Flooring

Suitable for: kitchen, entryway, basement, living halls, playrooms

Positive: The budget-friendly, robust construction of laminate holds well to moisture. Strong laminate structuring withstands warp. Solid plastic layer brush off marks of drags and abrades. Laminate wood can impersonate just any other type of flooring (wood, porcelain, terracotta, ceramic tile). It can be self-installed with adhesives and can even be installed over some existing floorings.

Negative: Ultra hard wood surface that seems synthetic. When wet, it can be slippery. One of the major drawbacks is that it cannot be refinished.

D. Bamboo Flooring

Suitable for: lawn area, living area, master bedroom, kitchen, hallways @ a

Positive: Not really a real wood flooring (bamboo is a pasture from grasslands), but has similar homeliness and warmth that a natural wood emits. Though, it’s hard flooring but look out for its superior quality to ensure its imperishability. Bamboo being a renewable resource is eco-friendly – a surface that may stand against pet stains or spills from liquid owing to its green credibility.

Negative: The lower range tends to indent and scuff. Usually imported from Asia, so its green credibility takes a thump when you take into account the energy needed to ship it.

E. Vinyl Flooring

Suitable for: hobby rooms, playrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and basement @ a

Positive: Quite budget-friendly this type can mimic real wood and tile. Solid vinyl flooring is water-repellent thus do not accumulate water or moisture that can cause scuff and scum to destroy the wood. Its supple & pliable construction feels nice below foot.

Negative: Not just it’s unfriendly to ecosystem but falls unable to shake off that artificial look.

F. Cork Flooring

Suitable for: bedrooms, living room, playroom, kitchen, @ a

Positive: eco-friendly flooring that’s slaughtered from a renewable resource that's cullied from trees. Available in tiles or planks is friendly for DIY installation. Warmth, vibrancy exhibited by it is naturally buoyant and feels subtle below foot.

Negative: High heels are not the thing to run over this floor. Even sharp objects can pull it apart. Cork type requires to be refinished regularly with sealers. Predisposed to moisture, needs to be kept out of bathrooms and laundry rooms.

G. Rubber Flooring

Suitable for: Garage, basement, bathrooms, kitchen & hobby room

Positive: Rubber flooring sheets available in various colors, shapes and sizes is easy for DIY-installation. Giving off that interlocked tile look with tiles that fits together at edges it is water proof, resilient and subtle.

Negative: Some varieties can make some conscious to smell of rubber. It does not give a sense of deluxe flooring.

Which breed of wood is best for flooring?

The best hardwood floors are constructed of wood species (very hard) that are easily available Cherry flooring, Oak flooring, and Maple flooring are all excellent choices that all adds warmth and beauty. Other species include ash, mahogany, walnut, bamboo (not actually wood but grass). You'll have to pay a premium price for more premium breeds, such as oak, teak, barbecue, jarrah and mesquite.

Pro Tip: Make sure your choice of hardwood flooring comes from sustainably yielded woodlands.

Another option is –salvage (reclaimed) hardwood flooring, which is found at retrieved corrals. It’s possibly prone to aging and depreciation, but not a bad deal for you to have pay only about half what probably a new flooring would cost. If they don't have what you're looking for (and you have the time), ask to be put on a waiting list. Reclaimed flooring is particularly a good choice for renovation of an older house.

How To Polish Wood Floors

Though polishing some hard wood floors is not a DIY thing but you still have some authentic ways of cleaning and finishing your floor that we will discuss.

However, a professional’s proper polish and buff technique is all what it takes to gift your wood floors a new glass-like luster.

Let’s see how Polish of Wooden Floors is done the YOROOFY way

One thing that’s inevitable is movement in house – be it you, your kids, pets or guests. You can’t restrict that but what you can do is refinish your floor so that these elements do not impose great deal of damage to your investment in flooring.

Your floor’s resilience is put to test on regular basis with: high heels, dirty footwear, pet claws, dragging furniture, sharp toys to name a few!

Sturdy and strengthened as wood floors may be, their finish is still defenseless against scuffs and scratches—thus, needing polish to go a long way.

What is the process of polishing?

Refinishing-the process of sanding using specifically formulated products and methods is necessary every few decades. So, Your job must be to find an inexpensive, easy and quality way to— even out imperfections, extending life and sprucing back shine of your handsome hardwood, which ends @ YOROOFY.

All it takes is a

  • Specialized cleaner
  • Flat-headed dry scrubber
  • Cleaning/buffing pad fastened in a machine
  • Commercial-graded wood floor polish, available in adjustable (high-low gloss) that adds sheens to obtain your desired look and the original finish.

In order to offer the high performance cleaning and finishing of wooden floors our specialized team follows a set procedure which is as below:-

  1. Check the type of finish on your wood floors
  2. Find out if the floor is covered with polyurethane or wax (as there are separate finishing treatments for each)
  3. Test out the polish in a small hidden, unnoticeable area on your wood surface to ensure its compatibility before maneuvering the entire floor
  4. Selecting the most appropriate polishing compound as application of a wrong product can invite a host of issues, from—making floors unnecessarily silky and smooth-running to give that synthetic feel—to— marring refinishing along way. So it's important to determine which kind of floor you have
  5. Applying polish to your floor using the "feathering" technique
  6. Proper buffing of floors in circular motion to ensure smooth finish without "start and stop" lines

We make sure to polish your floors in a way that do not splash to staining baseboards or drywall and baseboards.

Polishing for Countertops, Verticles etc.

Do you wish your wooden floor, Countertops to age evenly? An idea is regularly care for your wooden installations with refurbishing & re-arranging furniture so as the hardwood floor ages steadily.
Polishing the wooden vanity tops, countertops or verticles in your place with a specific polish product would not only remove the staining and scratching that’s caused to them but will protect the surrounding surface and installations from getting vandalized.

Does every kind of Wooden Floor need same treatment?

Whether or not to get your floors polished, however, depends on their finish.

So, get to know here better

Which floors are best for polish and which are not?

Pro Tip:

  • Wood floors with protective layering or water-proof quality like polyurethane— will be the most suitable candidate for polish and also are most benefited from the procedure.
  • If the floor has a penetrating finish such as tung oil or unsealed wood, then we do not polish such wood floors; as these are best finished with only wax coated.
  • If your surface does not smudged on test and shows a clear material, then we polish your floor since it's safe to polish such surface finish.

A waxed floor needs to be mopped with a cleaning/waxing agent that take up the dirt and adds a coat of fresh wax, while, a Polyurethane-coated floor needs to be cleaned with a specific polishing product and water.

Why Hardwood Floors need polishing and what are its benefits?

  • Polishing periodically hiring help of a professional can result in restoring, rejuvenating and renewing your hardwood floors finish and consistency.
  • Buffing manually or automatically into the hardwood floor will remove microscopic scratches and uniform the floors surface smoothening it out.
  • Cleaning the wood surface in the direction of the wood grain before polishing helps fizzing out any air bubbles.
  • It offers the floors a deep clean that right after transforms the dull hollowed floor surface into shiny like new
  • Polishing hardwood floors aids in restoration of a floor's protective layer of finish
  • Preserve your wood floor's natural shine

Frequency of Polishing Wooden Floors

Polishing actually comes into being when you actually start to see that routine cleaning is doing nothing to restore your floor’s gloss any longer.
This is the time to reapply the floor polish to restore to its natural being that’s— that’s lustrous. Majority of hardwood floors coated with a polyurethane finish will require re-polishing every 2-4 years, depending typically on the extent of foot traffic.
If your wooden floor has considerable deterioration like deep scratches, soiling, scoop outs then you may require refinishing or sanding the floor.

However, this is entirely a skillizen’s job of a professional floor care company or for those who have done this before. A good place to start in budget while in high-performance would be YOROOFY.

What to take care

  • Use a polish that’s comprehensive, meaning that’s its formulated to add a protective new layer of finish, fill in micro scratches, smooth out the texture and polish to shine for your floor.
  • Always ask your polishing personnel to test polish compound in an obtrusive section of the floor before spreading it to the whole surface
  • When applying polish to your floor, use the "feathering" technique to ensure a smooth finish without lines or "start and stop" marks.
  • Make sure not to use water for cleaning on Wood Floors that are Unfinished (if used the water will penetrate beneath the surface and make its fibers weakened, leaves watermarks and even encourage growth of moss.
  • Should not use excessive wax as it can bleach the surface
  • Treat any dirt, scuff or stain with a dedicated floor wax.

After Care

  • Use water minimally with finished wood floors and complete skip with unfinished wooden floors.
  • Do not let water or liquids saturate in your wooden floors.
  • Make sure to mop the hard wood floor only with a commercially available wood floor cleaner or to lift any loitering dirt
  • Give the surface a final pass with a neat, wet mop to remove any residue.
  • Allow the floor to dry completely before you start to walk over
  • Vacuum your wooden surfaces using the soft brush attachment
  • Using soft rugs and mats over wooden surface at all entry points inside and outside the home and office. It can significantly reduce the amount of grime that gets imbedded in the floor.
  • Avoid using non-ventilated or rubber backed mats as these will not be able to hold well against moisture
  • You can use felt protectors under the legs of furniture and replacing them regularly to prevent marking on wooden surface.
  • Do not drag furniture across any wooden flooring
  • Clean the wooden floor as soon as any liquid is spilt. Not cleaning can cause permanent staining. There are specific spillage kits available for awful spillages, urine or vomit.
  • Never use household, acid-based cleaning products, ammonia or even vinegar. These will deface your wooden floor forever.

Pro Tip: Not just hardwood but any wood would discolor in direct sunlight. Thus, using protective coverings like blinds and curtains on windows will help protect your hardwood floor against UV rays. Excessive heat and UV rays can cause the wood fibers to expand, since they absorb moisture and contract as when released, resulting your timber floor to flex and distort.

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