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YOROOFY is a true helping hand in all honesty. We are one of the best Housekeeping Agency in Gurgaon, & provide truly professional Housekeeping services in Gurgaon. We serve clients like Toyota, Airtel, Abbott, Samsung, Medanta Medicity and lot more. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will give you the customized solutions.

Why Us

why us for commercial housekeeping services in gurgaon
  • We have 20 years of experience of Housekeeping & Facility Management
  • We are successfully serving multinational brands for last few years like McDonalds, Samsung, Airtel, Toyota & many more
  • We are serving every industry like Food Industry, Hospital, Hospitality Industry, Telecom Industry etc.
  • We have inhouse team of trained professionals, which helps us of being punctual & delivery of quality services in best possible prices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • We are committed to our customers and are guided in all we do by their needs
  • We are complete and seek to provide exceptional service and engage in proactive behavior
  • We are driven to pursue the highest standards and continuously improve in all aspects of our business
  • We are experts and dominate the industry in scale and scope with an adaptable, extensive network that consistently delivers exceptional results

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One of the long sustaining, superior Interior and Exterior Maintenance Service Company in Gurgaon covers a multitude of core competency associated with cleaning, maintaining and comforting whereabouts with commitment to quality, reliability and affordability. We are at 24*7 services with respect to marvelous maintenance and disaster recovery management on NCR scale with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction to achieve shared brand-buyer goals.

At YOROOFY, we offer detailed housekeeping services for our valued clients across Gurgaon.

What to Expect from YOROOFY Cleaning Services?

You can depend on us for thorough, widely demanded cleaning and maneuvering services across multitude of industries including entertainment, education, homes, hospitality, and many more.

You can take pleasure of a plush, purge place without the hassle of cleaning yourself at fair prices.

Range of YOROOFY Housekeeping Services

Following are the specialized services we are offering that can be availed flexibly as one time, daily, and monthly or on annual cleaning contract.

Our Housekeeping cleaning is as follows:

Residential & Commercial (Homes, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Centres, Showrooms, Offices, Chambers, & Lobby) Cleaning & Maintenance

Residential & Commercial housekeeping services in gurgaon

  • Deep Cleaning and High Maintenance for FOH & BOH
  • Cleaning Window, Mirrors, Windows, & Glass doors & surface
  • Sweep off all vertical, horizontal surfaces
  • Sweep off all furniture, upholstery, printing machines, mailers, telephones
  • Dry or wet Vacuuming all carpet areas
  • Cleaning designated lights, windows & doors
  • Emptying trash, replace liners, cleaning containers, bins
  • Cleaning Walls, High-rise glass curtain, Aluminum curtain rods
  • Complete Awning Care and Power Washing
  • Stone, Wood, Tile & Construction Clean-up
  • Glazed tile cleaning
  • Stripping, buffing and polishing of floors & walls

Hard floor care:
  • Damp mopping and removing of scum, footwear scratches and other marks
  • Damp mop, Sweep, & Disinfect all floors
  • Stripping, buffing and polishing of floors surfaces
  • Dusting & Clearing glass frames, marble sculptures, fire hose cabinets.

  • Damp cleaning & decontaminating tabletops, table’s legs, pedestals and chairs.
  • Cleaning & sanitizing interior & exterior of ovens, countertops, fridge & sinks.
  • Emptying/replacing junk, liners, bins
  • Cleaning & sanitizing glass doors and partitions
  • Vacuuming & De-scuffing all carpeting

Cleaning Corridors, Landings, Elevators, Stairs &Parking Lot:
  • De-scum & de-scale air vents, air grills & drinking fountains
  • Dust stairwell railings, sill, & ledges
  • Cleaning ashtrays & smoking areas

Washrooms/Restrooms Cleaning:
  • Cleaning, decontaminating & de-scaling all vitreous fixtures, basins & tops
  • Cleaning, Sanitizing & Refilling all dispensers to limits
  • Dusting all horizontal & vertical surfaces and walls

Carpet Cleaning:
  • Cleaning & maintaining of all carpet, upholstery
  • Cleaning fabric partitions & under workstations
  • Deep-steam cleaning, deodorizing, de-scuffing, spot removal, scotch guarding.

Disaster Recovery Services(DRS):
  • Flood Emergencies and Prevention Methods
  • Fire & Smoke Restoration & Remediation,
  • Mould Testing, Removal and Build Back

Window Cleaning:
  • Dusting all interior & exterior circumference windows & partitions.
  • Facade Cleaning

We also offer Emergency Clean-Up Services.

YOROOFY Housekeeping Material

Housekeeping services at YOROOFY is generally rendered, as individually requisite, with the help of the following below

A. Housekeeping Equipment: that includes

  • Mechanical Suction and sweepers
  • Dry & Wet industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Floor grinding machines
  • Single disc high-speed burnishing/ refinishing machines
  • Commercial Steam cleaners for all types of Carpeting
  • High Pressure Injection extraction equipment for carpet cleaning
  • Foam generator for carpets and upholstery cleaning
  • Industrial Water Purification Glass cleaning/ Telescopic Window Cleaning Systems

Note: - All our cleaning machines & systems are imported that are sourced from notable brand names in the cleaning industry.

B. Cleaning Chemicals: that includes

  • Hard surface Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Glass cleaner, Bowl Cleaner
  • Carpet shampoo, Upholstery Brightener, Hand-washer

C. Cleaning soft tools: that includes

All soft tools such as:
  • Scrubbers, Floor wipers, Glass wipers, Glass duster, Table dusters,
  • Dolly mops, Dry mops
  • Brooms, Brushes, soap oil cleaning powder
  • Squeezing bucket, mop stick, mop cloth, glass cloth, etc

D. Disinfections Materials: that includes

All disinfectants such as
  • Room Fresheners & Deodorizers
  • Naphthalene balls, phenol, brasso & silvo polishing liquid
  • Odonil cubes, urinal cubes, etc

All these housekeeping cleaning & disinfecting consumables and other ordinal are sourced from best brands to provide superlative outcome.

Housekeeping Service Companies

Majority of facility management and cleaning companies since always have been reserved – only for the affluent residential and commercial space owners. The companies mostly have the target audience with wealth that’s distinguished. These cleaning companies are themselves adorned with posh infrastructure, attractive outlets, choicest leaflets— but the same Cleaning services that are actually not at par to quality. These seemingly up-market cleaning and housekeeping companies are operating all across Delhi and Gurgaon but their services and pricing is highly questionable.

What makes YOROOFY most demanded?

YOROOFY’S founder and operator worked up and round to make YOROOFY Cleaning Services what it is today. YOROOFY’S years of experience and contribution in cleaning industry has been irreplaceable in maneuvering the most important asset: ‘your residential & commercial interior-exterior’.

YOROOFY chooses the right person to do and care for your residence or office. We dedicate our time in finding the best personnel in NCR area. And thanks to our low employee turnover rate, you can rest easy knowing the same staff is coming into your home/office, fitting even lowest budgets.

How is YOROOFY different in market?

We at YOROOFY do not boost to be the best but being the best cleaning and housekeeping company in Delhi NCR. What makes us the best? It’s –our superior services, quality results and fair pricing. We do not offer any service at cheap price or quality either. YOROOFY professionals are available in an array of option and schedule to fit every budget, specialized task, from floor enhancement to furniture enhancement, surface cleaning to deep cleaning — converting hazardous spaces to habitable.

One major benefit of using YOROOFY professional cleaning services is their facilitation of using tech-based tools, specialized cleaning products and skilled personnel giving off the knack to deliver the most superior, sustaining spaces/outcomes.

Whether you have an upcoming party? Or expecting guests? We’ll give an immediate service plan and accurate price quote so you can have fun rather than stress about the mess.

What is housekeeping all about?

Housekeeping in short is all about taking pride of your place keeping it clean and comfortable. It’s a science based art to create a ‘Home away from home’ that’s not only soothing to the visitors but gratifying for the dwellers. However this scientific art is not everyone’s cup of tea though they may claim to have mastery over.

YOROOFY’s Housekeeping Objective

We do not just focus on cleaning and comforting the spaces but ventilating, lightning them up as well as repairing & maintaining individual articles and area within the room’s operation.

YOROOFY’s aim of housekeeping is to establish all accommodation (whether residential or commercial) in a way that satisfies users with appealing, appeasing and welcoming surrounding that offers value for money at the practicable price possible.

Need of Housekeeping

Housekeeping is a necessity for hospitality operations to command clean, convenient environment as to get repeat business.

Nothing sends a message stronger than daintiness in a hospitality industry and that adds value to not just brand but also business. No level of communication, cordiality, charm or service, can equalize the mystique a guest has upon entering a neat, spotless, and comfortably arranged arena.

Through our expert housekeeping, we provide different facilities in different departments, for e.g. for the ‘chef’ in the kitchen, the ‘head waiter’ the ‘restaurant manager’ freeing them from overall responsibility of keeping the kitchen, counters, dishes or entryways disinfected & deodorized.

Importance of Housekeeping in Different Sectors

Challenges faced by the Different Business/Service sectors

As you already know what housekeeping is all about, this also makes clear how important it is for almost all sectors, especially, like Hotels, Restaurants, Food Trucks/Eateries, Hospitals, Malls, Industrial offices and all Educational Institutions.

Housekeeping Challenges Faced By Hotels

  • A room aesthetically designed & maintained can be sold over and over again. But the main problem is that with rooms booked over again creates for an unkempt room and upholstery thus giving guest an undesirable experience.
  • Guestrooms are the brooch in bosom. The challenge is to prepare not just clean guestroom on a timely basis for visiting guest, but to keep the surrounding fresh and fragrant all-around.
  • Keeping clean the stacks of linen required to make up the beds in a hotel, the cleansed carpeting, spotless floor, walls and ceiling
  • Striving to keep washrooms clean and sanitized
  • Maintaining flowering & decorative
  • Inspecting routinely the floor damage, fire-emergency, mould build-up
  • Always keeping the entryway and front area attractive and organized
  • The bars, back area of hotels to be ruckus free

Housekeeping Challenges Faced by Food & Beverage industry

To obtain maximum attainable efficiency in ensuring cleanliness, care, comfort and well-being of guests along with smooth running of various department (banquet operations, inventory and food, staff and legal)

Housekeeping Challenges Faced By Hotels

One amongst the major challenges that hospital faces with housekeeping is Accurate patient’s care management: This is further categorized into:

  • Lack of Proper sanitization,
  • Infection control, disease control,
  • organizing High-Low priority activity,
  • space and facility management
  • Overcrowding
  • Lack of awareness and Manpower shortage
  • Force, reluctant supervision

Laundry: Managing quality linen for indoor patients, and personnel engaged in providing healthcare. Thus, Collection of solid and infected linen results in spreading hospital associated infection.

Housekeeping Challenges Faced By Automobile Industry

  • Keeping the parking area and streets clutter-free
  • Having centralized cleaning of vehicles like in under the seats, arms rests or door decals
  • Disposing accurately of the dirty., liquid water that can be harming in many ways
  • Keeping the premises clean. Even washrooms, mirrors are quite a task to be kept clean with labourers working all through.
  • Making each employee understand their duty of keeping their areas clean and well-kept

Housekeeping Challenges Faced By corporate offices

Dare that offices fear to bear is maintaining highest ethical standard while keeping the beauty of place and safety of employees intact. Financial constraints are another challenged faced with inability to render a cost effective model to clients, benchmarking industry A+ practices and ministering it.

Industries benefited from Housekeeping

Housekeeping being a functional department in most business & residences is responsible for neatness, maintenance, aesthetic upkeep of venues, rooms, public area, back area and vicinity.

Hotels & Resorts

Housekeeping Services to Hotels & its Benefits

Hotels sustain on the sale of room, wine & dine and other ancillary services such as the health club spa, swimming pool, laundry, and so on, with rooms constituting a minimum of 50% of these sales. Let’s see how housekeeping can help take your hotel to heights

  • Professional housekeeping services are quite an aid in keeping clean the cruise liners, bedding, floor repairing, articles and artefacts in a room. Most organizations these days prefer to outsource these operations from private contract housekeeping
  • Housekeeping services makes victory miles cover with clean carpeting, ceiling, floor, & walls. Specialized tools with cleaning compounds in order to deep clean brings direct bearing on the guest’s experience
  • Prepares not just tidy guestroom on a timely basis, but maintains everything in the hotel as such that the property looks fresh & fetching as the day opens for business.
  • Elevates sanitation standards to maintain healthy and tidy facility, foodservice & framework.
  • Housekeeping services contributes in a great way to stay on top of operational perils, be prepared for any inspections and entire esteem of a property.
  • Neat and tidy uniforms for all the staff
  • Catering to the laundering needs of the hotel linen as well as guest clothing.
  • Refurnishing & Renovating the property as and when required, in coordination with the management as well as interior designers.
  • For floor & fire emergencies. YOROOFY is the leader in (DRS), providing fire restoration, flood damage rectification, mold remediation, and more.
  • To keep & nurture the floral decorations and retain the landscaped areas of the hotel

Food & Beverage Industry

Commended as one of the profitable sectors, dedicated housekeeping has become very popular playing a crucial role in hospitality such as:-

Housekeeping Services to F&B & its Benefits
  • Cleaning, caring, comforting, disinfecting place of production
  • Keeping the front office, bell desk attractive, making check-ins memorable for guests
  • Establishing a welcoming environment
  • Ensuring hygienic food is prepared in the kitchen by the chefs
  • Cleaning & Up-keeping Kitchens in Bars, Restaurants, Cruise Ships, Airlines, Trains, Companies, institutions, Hospitals, Takeaway, etc
  • Proper cleaning and management of various aspects such as bar operations, booze service, table service, table etiquettes, etc., making organization at par with the industry requisites.
  • With dedicated housekeeping come high standards of cleanliness and upkeep in all areas thus creating courteous, authentic service from all staff for which the department is responsible.
  • Relieving Cloakroom Attendant with the responsibility to clean, check, & restock all restaurants, restrooms, fitness room, lifts, lobby areas etc. YOROOFY immaculate cleaning standards, guest service and interdepartmental employee relations throughout.
  • Making it easy for organization to use food tech platforms like Swiggy, Zomato and other local deliverables to distribute food
  • Stock as well as maintain inventory to keep food and drinks in safe state


Quality healthcare, highly skilled doctors, infra and Economical treatment has gained immense Medical tourism in India, particularly in Delhi NCR, thus calling for the medical industry to be highly responsible and reliable for people visiting from parts of the planet as well as within the country. Maintaining hygienic medical setups can make it much easier to manage the health and well-being of the patients. Therefore, dedicated housekeeping services can help:

Housekeeping Services to Hospitals & its Benefits

  • Management & Upkeep of Hospital Premises: Removing all the visible-invisible soil, salts, residue and organic matter helps providing environmental surfaces that are safe to handle for patient’s protection. YOROOFY takes charge of cleaning not hospitals and clinic’s including the floors, walls, but also the clinical equipments, counter, and other surfaces in order to decrease/diminish microorganisms that may come in contact with patients, staff.
  • Removal of Germs: Germs are the ultimate source of many diseases and it just keeps spreading if not controlled. Cleaning the dirt, pollutants and stink thoroughly from the hospital premises, we make sure to provide a happy healthy atmosphere that’s pleasing for both patients and staff.
  • Maintenance: A hospital needs to be clean to provide good treatment to the patients. It also requires keeping and maintaining clinical equipments in good working condition, and clinical products like medicines, bandages, gauges in place. We employ the best practices to preserve equipment and infrastructure by inspecting if anything needs repair or if certain products are likely to wear out or have worn out. This allows for equipment being ready for use at all times.
  • Waste Management: Dedicated housekeeping services helps proper elimination and management of any biomedical waste (BMW) that includes ‘solid’, ‘liquid’ or ‘fluidic’ waste and its cans or intermediate object, which is produced during the diagnosis, or treatment of the patient”. YOROOFY aims at providing waste management service to create strong and sustainable environment for people who visits the hospital, as well for those who spend most of their day working in the hospital. We also abide the statutory law that the BMW is stored into color coded containers for specific hours (red, yellow, blue, black) without any mingling before sending to recycle treatment and final disposal
  • Safety & Sanitation: To ensure safety of patients, relatives and in-house workers, YOROOFY follows an efficient and economical program of waste disposal. Protection against fire, Clean & sanitized toilets & toiletries, prevention of cross-contamination by infectious substances, sterilizing the medical instruments to prevent any infection, rodent control, sewerage disposal, and odor control are all included in waste disposal program.
  • Clothes and linen management: One of the most important aspects to be considered while choosing housekeeping services but unfortunately this one is amongst highly ignored by most service providers. In hospitals there are linens and beddings that are used and are interchanged frequently which requires their instant and regular washing and sanitizing. YOROOFY makes sure to provide services from laundering to sluicing, to drying to disinfecting. We sort and pack specialty linen for sterilization that breaks of any incidence of Hospital Associated Infection. This includes:
    • Spreadsheets, Bed sheets and pillow covers in OT, OPDs & other areas
    • Coats for doctors and paramedical personnel
    • theatre gowns worn by doctors, patients, staff & relatives
    • curtains, cushion covers, table covers
    • towels, hand towels, napkins
  • Facilities and Area Management: Not only we provide services to keep desk/spaces clean and decontaminated but manage Storage room for tools and materials, shelves for particular tools, and supplies and janitor’s closet, establishing vertical transportation system for easy transference of materials, hence advanced patient’s care and immunization.

Note: There is a deep difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Most cleaners are just washing and cleaning the equipments and other articles but that does certainly not suffice for hospital use. In order to avert the risk of spreading diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis (that occurs in presence of germs) cleaning in extension to disinfecting is the thing.

Automobile Industry

While, many would think about the need of housekeeping services in an automobile industry, but the fact is that an auto unit or even any manufacturing unit stands a dire need of cleaning services. It is because their processes are involved right from production to delivery and any compromise with quality and safety is going to cost terribly.

Achieving immense trust, particularly, in NCR's boutique hotels, Corporate Houses & Private Offices, YOROOFY now stands out for excellent results in automobile and manufacturing units.

Housekeeping Services to Automobile Industry & its Benefits

  • Clean & dust free environment: delivering a manpower body that oversees to check & curb various sources of dust and soiling that an automobile workshop attracts. A proper cleaning methodology and accurate air blower installations is applied to prevent foreign materials and grime getting inside via Machines, conveyor systems, Leaking roofs or employees.
  • Maintaining auto shop floors: while most of the auto repairing and operational tasks are carried on floors, these floors are made of epoxy of concrete and are prone to nailing, etching. We offer a ride-on, battery operated sweeper that will have the capacity to remove all debris, dirt and spillage from the floor.
  • Vehicle vacuuming: industrial high-pressure washers are operated to clean under the seat area as well the boot area and dash boards thoroughly.
  • Waste Management: it is highly important for either automobile manufacturing or repairing organization to dump the waste compounds in appropriately located trash bins so that it is not harmful for the health of workers and vehicles. We ensure that the bins are placed strategically to segregate the waste easily.
  • De-cluttering parking area & roads: Truck-mounted vacuuming is used to clear off all the residue, oil spillages and leak-offs from the vehicle parking lots and the driving street for a smooth and safe functioning.

Corporate Offices

The main objective of hiring corporate housekeeping services is to create a clean and hygienic environment that’s eye-pleasing too. We perform Mechanized Cleaning & maintenance of commercial complexes like industrial premises, IT Parks, educational institutions, clinics and other corporate.

Housekeeping Services to Corporate Offices

  • Core Cleaning: from deep cleaning to surface cleaning to dusting window panels, wiping glasses, scrubbing floors to refinishing floors, we do it all to keep the residential and commercial property to its best.
  • Pest control: offices whether large or small are prone to pest, bugs and insects. Regular insecticides fail to eliminate them. We carry rodent control and fumigation befittingly. The said tasks are carried by skilled professionals who diligently deliver superior results in all sorts of cleaning works of offices, hotels and residences.
  • Desk/workstation cleanliness: the day is spent mostly on the desk and it needs to be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected as to not have the employee and mates become victimized to infections. With latest procedures and technologies, we offer specialized working floor & desk disinfecting services without barging in between job works.
  • Carpet Cleaning and Shampooing: provides extensive range of other cleaning services options including various types of stone surfaces, floors, furniture, draperies, tile and grout cleaning, restoration help, and damage recovery from mold, mildews and more.
  • Indoor Plant Maintenance: the natural and artificial flower and verdant installations inside and outside office are taken well-care of keeping them as fresh and lively as new. Tech-based cleaning and polishing of pillars, de-scaling fountains and flower arrangements keeps them just as new.
  • Floor Arrangement: no matter the number of floors, YOROOFY takes care with the seating arrangement, cleaning of common lobby, lift, toilets, cafeterias, carpeting, telephones, printers and other immovable assets.
  • Guest House Services: keeping the guest rooms, Catering Services, Clubhouse/gymnasium/sports area/ Swimming Pool/ well-groomed for delightful user experience. Taking care of overall maintenance of all the amenities such as Fridge/TV/AC/Washing Machines.
  • Pantry and lobby upkeep services: you can let your pantry boy get you meals from the canteen, the supervisor to heat the food in microwave as with YOROOFY the responsibility of keeping the kitchen in order is relieved. We keep your kitchen floors, slabs and verticals all clean and sanitized. Special deodorizers do not let bugs and beetle grow and multiply. Proper storage cabinets are maintained and cleaned for quick access.
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