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Mosaic Floor Polishing

Best Mosaic Floor Polishing in Gurgaon

The mosaic flooring is unique and is one building material that’s installation looks distinctively innovative and appealing that can be laid in different patterns. Maintaining Mosaic floor polishing is not an easy task and requires expertise. YOROOFY offers expert & professional Mosaic floor polishing in Gurgaon.

Mosaic flooring and walls is a typical example of Nizam style that one would more often spot in hi-luxe properties like Jumeirah, ITC Mughal, and Kohinoor.

The mosaic flooring is unique and is one building material that’s installation looks distinctively innovative and appealing that can be laid in different patterns.

Featuring sheer royalty and Mughal magnanimity, mosaic Floors are also quite popular in Shrines, Homes and chic corporate spaces. However, to maintain the magnificence of these modern-traditional mosaic floorings, one has to have showed a little care to them.

Mosaic floors can be carved in variety of materials like Glass, Marble, and Ceramic etc. Thus, making it simpler—to customize commercial and residential spaces—creating original designs and concepts.

Though, such tiles are also tough, enduring, and cost-effective but require a deal of maintenance, particularly because of its conglomeration of composition. Also because mosaic tiles usually consist of different tiles, the floor in general shows slight grout between them. This means, usually in sizes around 2 inches by 2 inches, mosaic tiles first needs to be cleaned before start polishing them.

So, know how to keep your mosaic in marvelous state polishing them

How Mosaic Floor Polishing is done?

What is Mosaic Floor Polishing?

It is the process of scrubbing the floor exhaustively to take off all the dust dirt and marks that settles on the surface overtime. This is followed by gently rubbing the floor using a polish powder to improve its texture and increase the shine. Polishing a particular way easily removes mild water stains, organic spill stains, scratches, and other marks of wear.

Floor type Stones like Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Limestone, Granite, Travertine, Sandstone, Slate etc can be easily restored to its soul and spirit using stellar stone restoration and polishing.

YOROOFY’s Style of Mosaic Floor Polishing

Mechanized Mosaic Polishing Process

As we mentioned already,
The 1st step in mosaic polishing is – cleaning the floor.

What’s Before Mosaic Floor Polishing? — Cleaning & Grinding

Cleaning the Mosaic floor

Cleaning of floor using a hand-held specialized device— a rotary cleaning machine that easily sweeps off all the dirt and debris that has deposited on the surface as well as in the grout lines of the mosaic. It easily removes all the dust even from the nook and corner of the floor.

Depending upon the floor condition, Floor Grinding leads the way to Floor Polishing, which is an intense procedure of raking off a thin layer of stone using different kinds of grits on a Single Disc Machine. Grinding of floor fully removes hardy stains and marks from the floor, making it quintessential for all kinds of floor related issues (apart from broken floors in which condition the cracks filled in with grout would show).

After applying a compound powder, the floor is washed twice thoroughly. Thereafter, stone cleaning agitation is carried either by means of a rotary cleaning machine or by hand depending upon the aggression and the areas to be cleaned.

Then the floor is made to dry completely and wiped off once again to ensure the floor is 100% clean.

Polishing the Mosaic floor

After the floor is completely dried we finally apply the polish powder either using an applicator or spray. We only use labeled products in our process, for a main purpose of providing services that last long for years to come and not just look appealing for a matter of initial sometime.

For improved gloss and texture, YOROOFY also has in addition Silicate Polish which is applied to increase the density of the stone surface and thus prevents the floor from cracking and defacing.

Our circle Time Taken in entire polishing process takes about - 3 to 7 hours, depending upon floor type and size.

We cover areas inclusive of

  • All Rooms
  • Staircase
  • Countertops and Verticles
  • Bathroom and Shower Walls
  • Patio and Pool
  • Pavements and Backyards
  • Planters

Add-On Services:
We apply the sealing agent to make sure the stone is highly protected against natural deteriorations and its water resistance is increased, hence, inhibiting liquids from spiking into the stone.

Our mechanized stone cleaning and polishing process imparts an unsurpassed shine and smoothness to any surface, on any desired area.

Types of Mosaic Floors

Whether a mosaic embellishes the surface of the living area floor, wall of the bathroom, paves of the backyard, backsplash in a kitchen or the top of a table, it makes for an adornment that’s anything but ordinary—using any pieces of tile or stone— any design of art that form flowers, faces, riverfront or just about anything— that pops up the area.

Let’s see YOROOFY’s expert recommendations on how to use mosaic for your home and office,

Types of Mosaic Floors for Different Areas

A. Classical Mosaic Art
Made the contemporary way this is the one that’s been in existence for long and is going to go longer. One of the exquisite mosaics in which the work is not grouted is well worth the cost. Preferable tile use is— stones like marble and granite, a thick, Italian glass is also often used, giving it an interesting appearance to be used in places like living room, bathroom etc.

B. Custom Ceramic Inserts
For those looking to get only a section of floor or wall done in tiles, this form of mosaic art is the thing for them. Woo your rooms lettering quotes, carving florets and other fine detail. You can also add this mosaic for outdoors, poolside or backyards.

Preferable tile use is— Ceramic which is sold right next to porcelain is one good choice available in various colors, shapes, sizes and textures is not only easier to cut but inexpensive too.

C. Hand-Cut Mosaic
Slightly time consuming; this form of mosaic art is created by cutting tiles into thin moulds by hand using tile nippers or glass cutters. Complex and class designs can be created in variety of colors using variety of material available.

Preferable tile use is— Glass or Clear glass tesserae for stained-glass with an opaque look that can be made in variety of colors or finishes. If cut in Smalti Italian glass, it will be very expensive. Its affordable substitute is Vitreous glass. This is generally used in pools or showers.
Precut mirror pieces in hexagon, strips etc. is another fantastic mosaic art to utilize negative space or colored grout for stunning look.

D. Industrial Mosaic
One of the cost-effective and quick mosaic art making that cuts the tiles by hand to arrange the patterns in a way that makes for the quirky artwork to be laid in corporate receptions, lounges and homes— looking just as upright for a lot less money.

E. Pebble Mosaic
For those desiring an earthy look, pebble mosaic art is your option. Fast and easy to create than other mosaic types, it can offer a rustic look in various effects. This is also a costly type of mosaic art with intricate types even more costly because of the amount of the effort that does go into it.

Preferable tile use is— Pebbles that comes in a variety of size, shape and prices— raw or polished—lay in bunch or one after another.

Why you might want to add mosaic to some areas of your home and office?

Tiles Used in Mosaics

Why Mosaic floors need polishing

Some prefer the sparkly the glassy mosaic while some like the natural matte look of stone. Though both end up looking interesting as mosaics, with natural or haphazard shapes, in blocks or squares, your mosaic will be mind-boggling with the right materials. There are a variety of materials used to club an eccentric mosaic artwork like:-

  • Glass, Mirror tiles, Broken mirrors, Old china pieces
  • Raw Stone
  • Pebbles
  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Recycled
  • Seashells, Beads, Compact discs

That said, the natural look and feel of mosaic or any factory-made or quarried tile gets diminished due to wear and natural damage. And that’s when the only thing that can repair the damage is professional stone restoration services like floor grinding, floor polishing and crystallization etc.
Why mosaic floors and walls needs polishing— to restore the lost glow & gloss

  • Save on structural Design with polishing and crystallizing your dead load floor to dazzling one
  • Making your traditional mosaic reflect your evolved self through years
  • Giving your flooring a longer life
  • Clearing off the mess that’s been penetrated since time back
  • Guarding the surface from future natural damage
  • Low maintenance thus time, money and energy saving

We are specialized to even instill life to tiles that are not produced good, not taking polish or chips or come off too soon.


  • Mosaics are not only traditional but trendy too. Unlike any other style, that brings upwards and downwards, these remains to be stagnant in style with its fusion of colors, shapes, sizes and most importantly materials. With different use of material combined to make a mosaic floor, proper cleaning and polishing becomes crucial to maintain the beauty of the stone that also adds value to home or office where installed—as a bonus.
  • With appropriate polishing at right need of time makes for a mosaic flooring that’s easy-to-maintain—with all the protective coatings and grouting
  • High load and footfall is detrimental for mosaic, particularly if you choose glass tiles. Thus, routine polishing repairs the previous damage, getting to hard to reach edges and corners and preventing it further as well.
  • Factory-produced tiles are not natural and usually less strong, though are likely to give a unique style. To make inorganic tiles look as good as naturals, specific cleaning and polishing is the thing.
  • Mosaic is an affordable option with inexpensive tiles like Glass, ceramic, and pebbles and to make them look hale and hearty, there is a low-budgeted option of shine enhancer through polishing.

Does every kind of Marble Floor need same treatment?

Polish, seal and safeguard your mosaic tiles and they will offer you with endured exquisite for decades to come. However, there are specific treatments that a mosaic stone may require but the other mosaic may not, all depending upon the type of mosaic and floor condition. For example:

A stained glass mosaic may require Floor grinding to remove its dust and debris that’s settled within surface and grouts.

Colorful ceramic mosaics might require shine enhancer that can be given through Polishing treatment.

There is variety of ways that a mosaic floor, countertop or staircase can be polished and finished.

So what we need to do is just inspect your floor and delineate a best treatment plan for your mosaic floor.

YOROOFY professionals would be at your footsteps on a call.

After Care

  • Use right and floor-specific liquid polymer polish available commercially to attain Satin Gloss Polish
  • Use dry or wet vacuum cleaner a required to easily remove all the dust from the floor
  • Mop the floor alternatively daily with neutral detergent and warm water mix
  • For a marble mosaic tile, use a specific hand scrubbing brush with synthetic bristles that do not rake off the tile.
  • Scrub the floor gently in circular motions without exerting too much pressure.
  • If using DIY polish, make sure to use gloves and protective eyewear
  • For self-manager, let your polish sit and soak into marble mosaic for 10 minutes, then wipe off the extra using a soft cloth.

Frequency for Marble Floor Polishing

How often you should polish your Mosaic floors typically depends on:-

  • The type of tile used in mosaic floor
  • Condition, Appearance and need of cloaking
  • Deterioration is suffers
  • Traffic it handles and Time the floor has been in place

Most mosaic surfaces need polishing every 2 to 5 years. At YOROOFY, Polished mosaics are sealed as add-on to protect it from aggressions and/or spills and thus reducing the need of re-polishing and scrubbing.

Polishing for Countertops, Verticles etc.

Since Mosaics are a great way to add color, art, and vibrancy to any outdoor or indoor, it all works with variety of stones and raw materials to form a floor that’s eccentric. Thus based on the material used like Glass, broken mirror, ceramic, or any natural stone in Kitchen countertops, Verticles, pathway or backsplashes, the labeled polishing polymer is applied to restore and illuminate the shine.

However, you are sure to enjoy the restored artistic touch that YOROOFY can bring to your mosaic tiles – in just as no efforts and time of yours to pool in.

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