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Searching for the best chimney sweep in Gurgaon or kitchen chimney cleaning in Gurgaon? YOROOFY is the perfect & affordable answer to your search for chimney sweep near me, as we have a team which is well trained & experienced in cleaning job.  Moreover, we never compromise on the material we use while cleaning. Whether it is chimney cleaning, sofa cleaning, floor cleaning or deep cleaning of your house, the best branded & eco-friendly materials are used.   



Are you worried about how to clean your kitchen chimney? Have you not cleaned it in recent times? Is it malfunctioning or making noises?

Be it any of the situations above or something else, we can understand your situation and we would like to sort it out for you. At Yoroofy, you will get the best possible chimney cleaning services in the city and that too at a very reasonable price.

So, stay tuned and read along with our various features and services for cleaning your chimney.

Chimney Inspection

Chimneys have become an essential feature in the kitchen now a days. Whether you have a cozy or a huge kitchen, the chimney is a must for most of us, isn’t it?

There are various reasons for this as well and the most important one is obviously to keep your kitchen clean. Chimney as you may know soaks up all the vapors evaporated from the food you cook on the gas.

This way, it leaves no oil droplets on the wall/tiles of the kitchen. It also helps in keeping your kitchen smoke-free and thus there is no greasy smell as well. However, for effective use of the chimney, you need to clean it often as per uses though. This will not only keep the chimney clean but also elongate the life of the machinery.

To begin with Chimney cleaning, Yoroofy does chimney inspection, which includes:

  • Basic inspection: By basic inspection, we mean checking all the parts of the chimney. Then we will examine the structure of the chimney and the accessible parts.
  • Advanced Inspection: In the advanced chimney inspection services, we do a thorough inspection of the chimney from the inside out. We check where there are insects, other attics, or anything else building up inside the chimney or not. Amount of oil and grease collected inside the chimney as accordingly, we will plan our cleaning process. The next thing we do is to ensure that no electrical lines/connection inside or outside the chimney is broken.

After the inspection is done we inform you about the condition of your chimney and the process we will adopt to clean it. We will also inform you about the time needed for the same. If any part is damaged or needs to be repaired then we will inform you that as well.

What Do We Do?

The services that we offer for your chimney are as follows:

  • Basic and Advanced level of Inspection to find out the problems and chalk out the cleaning process for the chimney.
  • Basic cleaning of the outer part of the chimney
  • Opening and Deep cleaning of the chimney
  • Cleaning every part with different industry-grade cleaning solutions.
  • Then we would assemble the chimney again & would take your leave.


How We Do Chimney Cleaning?

The process of cleaning the chimney is time-consuming and also hectic. It needs professional hands to clean the nooks and corner of the chimney so that no dirt and oil are left inside.

At Yoroofy, what we do is a thorough cleaning and the process involves the following:

  • Firstly, we clean all the stains from the exterior of the chimney. Yes, the chimney exterior catches a lot of dirt and thus gets stained which looks too bad and unhygienic as well. So, we start with cleaning the exterior of the chimney, clean each of the stains individually so that no traces of dirt remains on the top.
  • Then we clean the filters of the chimney. Yes, the crucial part of cleaning chimneys is their filters. The filters have all the oils, dirt, as it soaks up all the vapors from the food. So, the filters need to be cleaned thoroughly and that is what we do. We clean all the parts of the filter one by one and then assemble them again.
  • We also clean the duct if necessary and asked by the client. We degrease the duct if the client asks for deep cleaning of the chimney. The duct is opened from the chimney and we clean both the inside and the outside of the duct thoroughly.
  • Finally, when all the parts are cleaned as per the client’s request we assemble the chimney again.


Importance of Chimney Cleaning

For us food is life and we cannot compromise with that right? So, keeping your chimney clean is essential because the cleanliness can affect your food.

If your chimney is not clean, oils keep dripping, then who knows, maybe it drops into the food that you are cooking. So, it is important to clean the chimney regularly.

Besides, that it helps you:

  • Clear the debris of food particles, oils accumulating inside the chimney
  • Clean the toxic gasses and smoke that keeps on accumulating inside the chimney
  • As the duct opens outside the kitchen, there can be insects or plants getting inside the duct and blocking the way. It is necessary to clean the same for the proper functioning of the chimney.
  • You diagnose the problem beforehand. Supposedly, due to wear and tear a part of the chimney is not functioning properly. Regular cleaning will help you recognize the same faster and take the necessary steps.


Chimney Cleaning Advantages

The most important advantages of cleaning your Chimney are as follows –

  • Savings on your power bill: A chimney that is clogged with oil/dirt and other debris works inefficiently without any doubt. This in turn uses more electricity to run and thus your power bill shoots up. To reduce the digits in your electricity bill, you must clean your chimney often.
  • Safety of the family: Kitchen Chimney is meant for cooking purposes and there lies the safety of your family. An unclean chimney can spread germs which can lead to food poisoning and other such issues. To keep your food safe and also your kitchen and in turn your family, you must keep the chimney as clean as possible.
  • Reduced your maintenance bill: When you keep your chimney clean and often clean it thoroughly, it works efficiently and thus the maintenance bill also gets reduced. This is because, even before any part of the chimney can breakdown, you can replace or repair the same. This will cost you way lesser than the cost of repairing a broken part or replacing the part.


When Do You Need a Chimney Cleaning Service?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on how much food you cook in that kitchen and for how long that chimney runs. Generally, if you cook on an average basis, then getting your chimney cleaned every after 2-3 months is fine. However, you must look for certain signs like –

  • Excess smoke
  • Oil stains
  • Sound and other factors

If you find any of these in the kitchen/ chimney then you must clean the chimney immediately.

The 6 Best Things About Chimney Cleaning

With Yoroofy you can simply enjoy the chimney cleaning session as we make sure –

  • There is no pungent smell in the cleaning solutions we use. We always use industry-grade & eco-friendly branded cleaning solutions.
  • That there is no dirt/oil/ debris left on the floor after we complete cleaning your chimney
  • We make sure that every part of your chimney is cleaned
  • We have trained professionals, so you do not have to even bother about helping us out. You just need to sit there and watch us clean your chimney properly.
  • We ensure the chimney is assembled properly after cleaning.


Electric Chimney Maintenance

Though electric or automatic chimneys have a feature like auto-cleaning, even your electric chimney needs deep cleaning from time to time. For the same, we offer electric chimney maintenance services to our clients.

Here we clean the whole of the chimney like a normal chimney but focus on the parts which are not cleaned using auto-cleaning. For example, the duct, which is not thoroughly cleaned in the auto-cleaning feature. So, we thoroughly clean the duct of the electric chimney.

To Avoid Chimney Smoke Entering Your House

If you don’t clean your chimney for a long time, the debris can leak the duct of the chimney. This can lead to smoke entering the house rather than getting released outside. To avoid the smoke to come inside you must –

  • Hire a professional who can check the duct of the chimney thoroughly.
  • If the duct is fine, then there must be some issues with the motor or the filter of the chimney.
  • Another thing to keep in mind in the direction of the duct and air. Do not keep the opening of the duct close to any window of your house or such.


About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Since chimneys are used for soaking up all the smoke from the cooking utensils/food while being cooked, there are high chances of carbon monoxide formation. Carbon monoxide (CO) can form from oil being burned.

So, while food is prepared, oil is required and thus CO can form. This is one of the deadliest gases which can kill people in sometime without even giving them a chance to survive. Thus it is important to check whether there is any CO poisoning inside the home or not due to your chimney.

It is advised that you must take professional help for cleaning chimneys for this reason as well. If your chimney is not cleaned thoroughly it can lead to CO formation. Thus, make sure your chimney is clean enough and it is cleaned regularly.

Chimney Fire Safety

Generally, Kitchen Chimneys are very safe to use and they hardly catch fire but for safety purpose as there is both electricity and fire together at one place, you must keep some safety precautions which are:

  • A fire extinguishers in the kitchen
  • Window in the kitchen or open space so that there is no accumulation of gas which can spread the fire
  • Always switch off the chimney after use


Chimney Cleaning: What Mistakes Generally Can Be Done While Doing Chimney Cleaning?

Many of you may think it just a Kitchen chimney and you can clean it yourself, but that is the first mistake when it is about chimney cleaning.

  • You must not wait for a year or longer to clean your chimney. Often people wait until the chimney is filled with oils/ debris and stains. This approach is completely wrong and it reduces the life of your chimney.
  • Secondly, do not ever try to clean the kitchen chimney with any cleaning products like detergent or other such products. Those products can be harmful to the chimney and later can cause various issues.
  • Finally, coming back to the point where we started this section that cleaning the chimney by yourself can be a very big mistake or a wrong decision. It is because there are various parts of the chimney that only a professional with all the tools can open and clean. If you are doing it yourself or using the auto-clean facility, then only the outer part of the basic filter is getting cleaned not the other parts


Do's and Don'ts for the Long Life of the Chimney


  • Get professional help for cleaning chimney
  • Always switch off the chimney after use
  • Make sure your chimney is cleaned every two months.


  • Do not try to clean the chimney by yourself
  • Do not use any local cleaning agent or solution for cleaning the chimney
  • Do not let the oil and dirt sit for years before getting the kitchen chimney cleaned


Few Reasons Behind Why Chimney Suddenly Collapses

There can be many reasons behind the sudden collapse of a kitchen chimney and some of the reasons are:

  • Firstly, it might be some malfunctioning part. If it is the motor and it stops working then the chimney will stop.
  • Then, if there is an accumulation of debris in large quantity inside the duct of the chimney or the filter.


Getting your chimney cleaned is easy with us and very reasonable as well.

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