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Best Linoleum & Vinyl Floor Polishing & Cleaning in Gurgaon

YOROOFY offers the best Linoleum & Vinyl Floor Polishing & Cleaning in Gurgaon. YOROOFY has a great deal of experience in both kind of floor care beside all other marble floor maintenance.

Linoleum Tile: Although linoleum is often mistaken for vinyl flooring, but the former is literally quite different from the latter and somewhat particular cleaning needs. After mopping or vacuuming, rinse off the linoleum tile with specific linoleum flooring cleaning compound or borax and water. To prevent linoleum floors from future aggressions that might cause digressions in the surface, a coating of liquid wax and polish is applied to a shine every 4 to 6 months

Vinyl Tile: This ultra-durable flooring type is easy to maintain with simple sweeping or vacuuming the dirt and washing with specific a vinyl cleaning compound, white vinegar and water. Make sure to never use abrasive cleaner or scrubbing hand-held equipment on vinyl; it will scrape the surface off.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Vinyl flooring is not only popular but a practical solution for many businesses; it is highly resilient, hard wearing and is compliant to industry safety standards.

Proper and routine maintenance of your vinyl floor not only enhances the appearance of the area where it is installed but will also prolong the lifeline of your expensive investment in flooring.

Unlike stoned or tiled floors, vinyl provides a stronger flooring material, easy to maintain, serviceable and straightforward less vulnerable to liquid damage.
Commercial premises with particularly high footfall such as banks, malls, shopping avenues often reap advantage from vinyl flooring. Meanwhile it’s weaken immunity to damage makes it to discolor and show signs of vandalism over extensive use.

Though these products offer long lasting floorings, but it definitely requires to be correctly maintained in order for it to look it’s foremost and be prevailing.

Linoleum and Vinyl floors need to have a layer of polish applied for a purpose of producing a tough guarded layer on the surface that will protect the tile below. It’s like varnish protecting a wooden table – movements, furniture dragging or foot traffic varnish the polish, but the linoleum and vinyl underneath remains protected.

Time Taken

Depending entirely on the polish, taking 40-60 minutes per layer to dry is sufficient in most cases. Finally, 80-120 minutes is needed before allowing movement or foot traffic on the freshly polished linoleum surface and 24 to 48 hours for the polish to settle and reach its maximum fortitude.

Which amongst linoleum or Vinyl stands better against stains from pets or liquid spills?

Vinyl is clearly better as it is more resilient to items that can cause stains and is even easier to recover from the mess. Be that as it may be, you should not allow stains to sit on the surface and clean them immediately.

You can consider vinyl as best flooring for dogs, cats and pets.

Benefits of Polishing linoleum or Vinyl Floors?

Polishing Linoleum and Vinyl floors comes with its own set of benefits like:

  • A single layer of pro- polish can create sheen and sparkle that will be persisting for long
  • A properly polished linoleum vinyl floor creates a depth to it, which produces a delightful luster on the surface.
  • Once the linoleum vinyl floors are polished, they become super easy-to-maintain with a microfiber mop to sweep off the dirt and debris from the surface without having to have them embedded beneath the surface
  • As the polish wears it will dull – this becomes evident in high traffic areas. Using a buffer can easily restore the shine – this is a simple process providing the floor has a good layer of polish applied.
  • Linoleum and vinyl floors take a turn to dulled and dotted look if not polished
  • Without polishing, these floors progressively start to become defenseless against stains and scratches
  • When polishing correctly, linoleum vinyl surfaces become super sparkling and highly guarded against stains and depreciation.
  • Polished linoleum and vinyl floors need regular maintenance more often than flooring that demonstrate protective coat applied by the manufacturer itself during production.
  • An accurate routine maintenance essentially includes stripping and re-polishing of linoleum vinyl floors at least once per year, particularly in areas with greater foot traffic.

Frequency of Polishing linoleum or Vinyl Floors?

Be that as it may be, you will know it's time to have your linoleum floors polished by a master as they begin looking dull and rough even after cleaning. That said, though Vinyl flooring will last approximate to 10-12years (quite less than that of Linoleum which can last up to 25 years) either depending on its quality and amount of traffic it addressees. However, a degree of greater durability of these floors lies in protective polish which can be removed and reapplied as per requirement. Hence taking a little care of cleaning and maintenance can make your either floor live to its fullest.

YOROOFY has a great deal of experience in vinyl floor care and all marble floor maintenance with trained operators function in each of Gurgaon region, specialized in vinyl floors.

What to take care

Floor mats: Mats that are absorbent are the best to use on either your linoleum or vinyl flooring. Make sure to vacuum or wash the mats regularly to prevent the dirt penetrated in them do not get to the floor thus blemishing the finish of the flooring when anyone walks over the mat.

Never use mats with solid rubber backs as they can catch moisture against your linoleum tile and can mar the finish.

Home Products: If you are thinking about – Are there any kind of home products you should not use on vinyl or linoleum flooring? Then, YES, avoid using ammonia or vinegar, particularly, on linoleum. The linoleum tile will respond to the chemical agents in these products.
Make sure to not use soft-scrub type cleaners, or nylon scrubbers (especially) on vinyl or steel wool on both the flooring.

After Care for Polished linoleum or Vinyl Floors

Our advice of an economical approach towards Polished linoleum vinyl floor care is as follows:-

  • Always Strip off old polish, and make cautious application of a quality commercially available polish.
  • No harsh chemical-based cleaning agents to be used which can break off the polish.
  • Never pour re-polishing agents directly onto the vinyl or linoleum as this may cause frightful consequence such as uneven, matte surface, and flecks
  • Buffing only as needed to regain the gloss– use of appropriate buffing pad so as not to remove polish irrelevantly
  • Using clean applicator pads is the key to perfect mopping
  • Make sure to first wring the applicator pad and not use it while drenched with the polishing compound
  • Do not rub over the polishing agent over again on a same area as this can lead to floor marks that look like paint brush blows
  • Usually a number of layers of polish need to be applied to achieve even, shiny and sparkling surface finish.
  • Low the polished layers on linoleum vinyl surface to have adequate time to dry. Note that the more humid the weather, the more time it will take for each layer to dry.
  • The above approach significantly reduces the overall annual cost of maintaining both linoleum vinyl floors, yet offers an unsurpassed presentation of premises.

YOROOFY’s Clean & Polish Services

Our main services for linoleum vinyl floors includes:-

  • Stripping Polishing and Re-Polishing of linoleum vinyl floors
  • Restoration of old linoleum vinyl floors
  • Motorized buffing of vinyl floors
  • vinyl floor maintenance using quality products and processes
  • Repairing Manmade floors using multiple scrubbing/sealing / finishing options available
  • Laminate wooden effect flooring and surfaces
  • Application of apt, anti- traffic polish
  • Easy Guides for regular floor maintenance

One thing our operators understand with vinyl flooring is that "Making a task of high standard on a vinyl floor is like creating an artwork that defies the law of land".
After all, it’s all about nice presentation, using top labeled products, cautious application and forbearance to achieve high quality results.

We can create seamless floors that shine and we can convert old dull floors looking better than the newly arrived— everything at economy.

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