Stone Surface Restoration

Stone Surface Restoration in Gurgaon

We recreate stones to be stepping stones for success. One specialty service provided by YOROOFY is stone restoration and repair Service in Gurgaon. Natural stones and Quarried tiles are adorning to any home & office space, but it does require maintenance to keep its scintillating texture and finish. YOROOFY offers its clients superlative stone surface restoration treatment in Gurgaon for any kind of problems causing your floors to worsening over time.

As they say that the only difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is the manner how we use them. Similarly, a house is made of stone, wood and brick but if we caress them to required care it makes a home of flourishing and not just furnishing.

YOROOFY Cleaning Services and Facilities Management are able to treat variety of interior and exterior stone surfaces.

YOROOFY and its trained technicians offer a variety of natural stone services:
We offer stone restorative, cleaning and polishing treatments for natural stone including marble, limestone, granite, engineered quartz and porcelain slabs as well as many others. These are frequently laid on different surfaces such as floors, walls, entryways, staircases, kitchen counter tops, verticles, backsplashes and many other places. YOROOFY is able to treat these different kinds of interior and exterior stone surfaces including but not limited to:-

  • Natural Stone Repairing, Re-polishing and Maintenance
  • Tile Grout repair and sealing
  • Repairing scratches, etches, cracks and chips
  • Removing bumpiness, roughness from the stone surface and between tiles (lippage removal)
  • Stone scrubbing, stain removal and sealing
  • Honing stone to an even matte finish for rustic organic looks
  • Polishing stone Terrazzo refinishing to highly reflective mirror shine
  • Restoring staircase, shower stalls (includes caulking)
  • Color and shine restoration applications

What to Expect?

Scratch less, Stain-less, Shiny new-like stone surface

Types of Stone Surface Restoration


While many building maintenance management companies are working to offer just cleaning or polishing services to restore the wearied stone, it is actually much more than that. Restoration for these companies is counted as Re-polishing which is not sufficed to even achieve satisfactory results.


At YOROOFY we are entailed to eliminate all sorts of imperfections that a stone surface accumulates over a period of time— making it appear as if brand new.
We work to make stones durable & appreciable—not just bearable.

Understanding the fact that the rolling stone does not gather moss, YOROOFY works on a step-by-step process of stone restoration that includes scrubbing, grinding and finishing of the stone surfaces to restore the worn out stone— to the state in which it was instituted— in a position that it does not react to the attack of further damage.

The stone is sometimes even altered to make it match the original or desired texture and finish.

B. Precision Stone Restoration - Polishing for Floor Leveling

It’s inescapable for the countertops in kitchen, bar or eating joints to not get stained, no matter how much precaution you take. Following the advanced restoration methods of—Diamond Grinding and Polishing, YOROOFY is striving to restore marble, granite, terrazzo, onyx, and other stone surfaces to its original luster. Its superlative standard diamond polishing tools are consistently delivering most effective performance.

Diamond Polishing can help Restoration of different types of original finishes of a stone like

A honed finish can be achieved using a series of diamond grits up until the expected finish is obtained. Just a series of diamond grits can help achieve the reflection that natural stone is born with and that also makes it not needing any topical waxing or coating.

An original flamed finish in a stone can be restored using the same diamond abrasives technique— making crystals “pop” in marble stones.

Why diamond grinding?

Using diamond pads in a heavy rotary machine, the stone surface is grinded which offers the highest level of hardness.

Besides, there are various other benefits that are as follows:-

  • Curbing damage on the curved edges or floor surfaces like Marble bars, floors, walls, countertops, vanity tops, verticles).
  • Marble floor diamond grinding along with marble polishing enables to eliminate even the unseen scratches to make the surface a splash of sparkle.
  • Reanimating stone to Floor leveling , stains removal, refinishing polishing etc.

Note: Diamond grinding polishing method is not wooden floor surfaces as it involves huge amounts of water that could be damaging to wood.

We perform professional restoration of marble and almost all other types of natural to corporate and private clients.

C. Tile & Grout Restoration

Does your kitchen grout have the degree of morality mandatory to avoid costly moisture problems afterwards? Instituting waterproof and weatherproof grout or downright sealing the existing grout not just intercepts staining but ensures that water do not tear apart stone that can cause structural issues or discoloration.

What is it?

Rather than replacing the whole of grouted area, the area that needs attention is deep cleaned. Many cleaners remove the whole grout thus either ending up cracking up the tile or making it fall out. You can have your cleaner focus only on repairing areas that are in need extra attention.

How Tile & Grout Restoration is done at YOROOFY?

  • Carefully removing all movable furniture from the area to be treated
  • Pre-treating grout and tile with our eco-friendly, pet safe cleaning compound
  • Scrubbing the area to seize any sand or remnants
  • Pressure cleaning the grout & tile
  • Fill in tiny holes, applying professional-quality grout sealer to increase its longevity—making it nearly non-porous that will be easier to keep clean in future.

YOROOFY, Gurgaon works with different types of grout. We customize color to match the existing grout for obtaining a harmonious look.

The restoration of separate stone surface necessitates several different techniques and methods and we abide by them.

What’s After Stone Restoration? — STONE SEALING

Natural stone sealing services is an essential step that’s often skipped by professionals. At, YOROOFY, we make sure to use top quality sealant to protect your stone’s surface from natural aging process as well as the moisture that can cause it to become dull & deteriorated overtime—allowing your stone staying as it was just installed.

Is there a need to maintain a sealed stone surface? Yes – But minimal

In order to avoid expensive repairs down the lane, the best thing to do is to maintain your floor following a standard cleaning routine recommended by tile manufacturer or your cleaning service provider

How our Restoration adds durability to Stone Polishing?

Floor usage and foot traffic are two factors that concludes the durability of a stone. That said, in houses with large number of members, walking around in footwear’s is common and thus develops starches, discoloration, and dullness etc.
Nevertheless, if the stone is natural or artificial stone, it will wear-off, but if maintained well, then the polish life is not going anywhere before 15-20years.
At YOROOFY, customized Natural stone revitalization for floors, counter tops, and walls, are offered to corporate and private clients.

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