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Every year, over million square feet of carpet and rugs are installed in NCR region, and it is required to be cleaned on a regular basis for various physical, economical and health benefits. There are currently many budding entrepreneurs in the city who are striving to seize a small piece of that undertaking but staggeringly solid record of business concepts to evaluate more closely and deliver results supremely goes with only some of the long-standing, best carpet cleaning companies.

YOROOFY is pleased about being amongst the top carpet cleaning companies 2019 Delhi NCR with its institution-contribution in the industry for over 20 years now.

What makes us the most trusted with carpet cleaning services?

That said, there are big-wigs, even, entrepreneurial companies in the NCR region that have achieved rankings on recommended carpet cleaning franchisees 2019. Ironically, the company – YOROOFY that is not part of the ranking is the one that’s been around not just the longest but with the vastest loyal customer base and exemplary result records. Then again, this might just reveal that the old, accomplished "clever-soldiers" of carpet cleaning are challenged by more recent market entrants.

Best Carpet Cleaning in Gurgaon

Carpeting, matting and upholstery are one of the commodities that make a place look warm and welcoming. It not just characterizes your home but represent the residents in quite many ways. Carpets and rugs are a must layout in a home as they provide friendliness against the hard, warmth against the cold floor while adding to its beauty and safety. However, this beauty is sustained only with regular cleaning and maintaining your carpets and upholstery.

We’re pleased to be the Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Gurgaon/Delhi NCR that are working meticulously to help you keep your carpets and upholstery in good shape for a long time.

Why Us

Our hard work has made us building up a large pool of loyal customers who actively refer to us new customers. The main reason why we have gained this privilege in a billion-boosting industry is— our priority to performance— to put primary our client’s heath and needs.

That said, there are numerous independent cleaning franchises out there offering cut-rate pricing but delivering sub-standard results and committed to none. By contrast, the reason we are so successful is because of our cleaning methods and techniques deliver superior results.
Other than this,

Why we are claiming to be ‘better from the best’ is because:-

  • In the business for over two decades, using products that are safe for humans, pets, and the habit.
  • Offering a wide scope of Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning carpet and Upholstery services including:-
    • Cleaning Carpets, Rugs and other Upholstery
    • Mattress Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning, Air Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning
    • Carpet and Upholstery Protective Treatment & Anti-Allergen Treatment,
    • Stain-resistant coating and carpet Deodorizer
    • Pet Odor, Odor Neutralizer and Spot Removal for Carpet and Upholstery,
    • Commercial Carpet & Property Maintenance Management
  • Also provides extensive range of other cleaning services options including various types of stone surfaces, floors, furniture, draperies, tile and grout cleaning, restoration help, and damage recovery from mold, mildews and more.
  • Easy to access and accommodating appointment slots including weekends
  • Highly skilled and friendly staff employing cleaning methods and techniques that focuses not just on thorough cleaning, but also vanishes allergens and dust mites.
  • Pay close attention to high-traffic areas
  • Do not head-start to work hired for. Inspect and decide the best cleaning solution based on certain parameters.
  • Employ equipment that offers fast drying while removing most of the moisture
  • "Repair, Re-clean, and Rectify the issue until the customer is satisfied or else Refund
  • Return carpets, rugs and mats to original new-like condition
  • Professional, Trusted and Budget-friendly Cleaning and Care company
  • DIY (ers) can also purchase specific regular carpet care and cleaning products like spot remover sprayers, sanitizers, brushes or a broom for cleaning in between professional help.

We are not widely available, so if available in your area get the advantage of value we add to your floor and furnishings. Check our availability in your area@

Types of carpet cleaning done & in which condition each type is suitable

Getting confused about what they all mean with different cleaning options? Are too many options appear misleading? There are many ways of getting the dirt out of your carpet. We decide exactly which carpet cleaning method would work best for one’s particular needs.

For e.g.; hot water extraction might be popular but it can spell disaster for carpets made from fibers like jute or sisal. A jute carpet may appear rugged, but its fibers are actually fragile, and must never be soaked, or else, your carpet might never be the same again.


A. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Most often known as steam carpet cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning is one excellent method for those with allergies, asthma, or sensitivities to chemical-based shampoos and detergents. Steaming technique is best known to extract and kill germs, pathogens, mold, and other irritants, thus benefiting people with sensitive sinuses!

YOROOFY way of ‘hot extraction’ method essentially involves application of top quality cleaning compound on soiled/stained surface, whisking of carpet with plain-spoken brush using high pressured hot water to churn the yarn followed by rinsing. After cleaning compound settle into the carpet for brief, the carpet is gently “washed” using a carpet cleaning tool to thoroughly rinse off the cleaning agent and eventually leave it to dry in room temperature.
We typically use cleaning solutions that are non-toxic, antigen and free of fragrance and dyes.

Carpeting may be ready for foot over for few hours after cleaning since we make sure to completely remove the remnant water after a steam clean that takes time.

Our professionals for an average sized carpeted office of 4000 sq ft take about 2 hours to clean and at least 3 hours to dry.

B. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Also commonly known as compound cleaning, it is one of the latest cleaning methodologies that would rather be better as against traditional wet carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is preferred for busy homes and offices that typically cannot wait for a carpet to dry! The highlight is that the technology is safe for all types of carpet and recommended for spaces and commercial offices that need to operate round the clock, 7 days a week.
Though, certain chemicals and detergents used in dry carpet cleaning can be a bit caustic and thus we make sure to provide proper ventilation. Dry carpet cleaning technology, however, might not be a thing for those with breathing difficulties or other sensitivities.

Dry cleaning of carpets is gaining increasing approval by premium carpet manufacturers mainly because of its productive disinfecting performance and comfort it offers with no drying time needed.
YOROOFY way of ‘dry carpet cleaning’ method essentially involves application of cleaning agent into the bottommost part of carpet then utilizing a counter motorized rotating brush to swirl the carpet yarn and enabling the solution to settle within, resulting in deep carpet cleaning outcome. We use Cleaning solution naturally made of biodegradable substance that works like micro-sponges that productively soak dissolved dirt in the carpet and evacuate it thoroughly by the end of the process.

C. Encapsulation or Foam Cleaning

Encapsulated in foam is the technology that incorporates synthetic detergents as a base and further crystallize into powder when dries. Loosened dust molecules in carpet yarn are finally, vacuumed when the foam dries after cleaning.
Foam encapsulation has outstripped carpet shampooing technology as the former utilizes minimal water during cleaning which result in curtailed drying time in comparison to carpet shampooing. Advocates of using eco-friendly products favors foam encapsulation because there is only nominal chemical leftover after cleaning compared to carpet shampooing.

This carpet cleaning technology functions somewhat similarly as dry cleaning, except it uses a nominal amount of water and foam detergent. The method is competent to clean only till the top third of the carpet but can be a good choice for provisional cleanings that’s not stuffed with soiling and staining from deep within. Howbeit, terribly stained sections of carpet just won’t be blown by either of the two types of cleaning because of the technology’s limitation.

D. Carpet Shampooing

Though, the shampooing technology has been quite popular until the encapsulation technology came into picture in 1970s. While, shampooing of carpet produced satisfactory results washing off heavily stained carpet, the technology seen a drop down due to a disadvantage i.e.– leaves behind excessive wet foam remnants that not just seems sticky, scummy but takes too long in drying. Also, since no rinsing is done after shampooing— it results in rapid re-soiling of carpet— trapping and locking more dirt.

E. Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet carpet cleaning is extensively used in hotels to clean carpets and mattresses since it provides a quick fix solution in cleaning heavy traffic public area that needs carpeting to be cleaned without much moisture and can prevent causing inconvenience to hotel guests.

Bonneting of carpet eliminates dirt only from its surface, a pitfall for floors requiring a deep clean. The cleaning is short-lived and dirt underneath would creep back to the surface, causing carpet to quickly get soiled again.
It involves cleaning top layer of the carpet’s yarn using a heavy duty automatic machine with a spinning pad push that has been absorbed with cleaning agent to extract dirt from the carpet surface. But the heavy pressure motor tends to cause build-up of chemicals in the carpet.

But it comes with the benefit of quickness and cost-effectiveness. Hence, only consider bonneting if your carpet is not particularly extremely mucky or matted and if you require mild carpet cleaning persistently yet affordably, certifying home’s rugs keep look their best.

What we do in carpet cleaning

Stain Removal

For the nasty stains, patchy marks, we use a top quality stain remover carpet spot cleaner carpet unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t use a universal spot cleaner for all stains and spots. We decide your best option checking your carpet yarn and how well a particular stain remover can take a dried-in red wine, tea, coffee, nail polish and mud stains. As a product, most carpet cleaners usually don't go great dealing with tough, dried stains, but YOROOFY has all the means to tackle even the most stubborn stains and spots.

Dust Mite Removal

Mites are microscopic to the extent that they are invisible to the human eye, and are most commonly found in the home where remains embedded filth. The shredded skin flecks, feces and body pieces of dust mites are allergens which can trigger symptoms in people to suffer from awful allergies if not removed. We are highly skilled cleaners and truly understand that traditional @ home carpet cleaning methods barely do the job right. With the help of specialized personnel, specialized cleaning solutions, advanced machinery, we are able to clean almost any kind of sludge and stain from the carpet.

To effectively remove dust mites and other allergens, we provide Steam cleaning to carpets that make the survival for dust mites impossible suspended deep in the carpet by exploding them at high water temperature and pressure removing them once and for all!

Water Staining removal

Have a water stain or ghost stains on your carpet? Water stains might seem to be easy to remove with household ingredients. But in your effort where you’ll want to remove the stain, though, you may end up discoloring your carpet or loosening its fibers.

If the water damage is serious, you must promptly call professional carpet cleaners. They have the equipment designed to suck up water from carpet even if a pipe broke out flooding your carpeting. Calling professional cleaning service like YOROOFY can be all sorts beneficial if you have carpet either from natural fibers or synthetic— and make your carpet almost look new.

Deodorizing and Odor removal

There are ways to fix this issue at home, but such methods usually are good for only hiding the smell and not eradicating it. This means the polluting sediment is still present, that can make the carpet contribute to health problems like headaches, nausea or eye irritation and the stinking smell that’s unbearable,

If you are looking for onetime fix, a professional carpet cleaner is your option.

We @ YOROOFY have the right kind of deodorizing products formulated particularly to tackle with tough odors like the ones occurring from mildew development, pet feces or from constant smoking.
We have natural substances in the formula of cleaners & deodorizers that will deliver promising results with respect to making your carpets smell fresh and clean. This way, we prevent the problem from ever occurring.
We are the cleaners with deodorizers and cleaners that are worth, tool and technology that is advanced, and the price that’s significantly low.

Prevent mould growth

Frequently found in installations high humidity levels, standing water sinks into carpet yarn and boost the formation of mould and mildew which can lead to respiratory risks. We consist of drying element that works best to remove any moisture left behind, taking off mould that persisted previously and preventing any new growths from occurring.

Why carpet cleaning is required— Not limited to only Beauty Enhancement

11 Important Reasons to have carpets cleaned year round?

  1. First obvious is creates for carpeting that look and feel fresh and upright
  2. Easy and Affordable Home Improvement. Carpets get much easier to maintain while looking hygienically good. Most carpet soiling composes of dry sand; when carpets are kept deeply cleaned and disinfected regularly, most dry soils can be eradicated with periodic vacuuming itself.
  3. Increase the life of carpeting. Regular carpet cleaning using the steam clean method can sizably prolong the lifespan of carpets, additionally shielding your floor-covering investment.
  4. Protects the carpet’s warranty. Most carpet warranties necessitate carpets be cleaned employing the extraction method within a stipulated period of time, usually every 12 to 18 months.
  5. Improves and Maintains indoor air quality. Carpets trap airborne contamination and foreign matter; however, those pollutants must be extracted with respect to protecting the carpet and improving the indoor air quality.
  6. Avert amassing of allergens and germs. Moist soiling in carpets eventually leads to attraction and accumulation of several baleful contaminants— so it’s not allergy season that’s growing sinus and worsening it
  7. Getting free from the deposited dead skin, pet urine, insect feces, etc.
  8. Removes stubborn stains and spots. As with any soil, stains and spots can gather more soiling. Having them removed punctually protects carpeting from ruining permanently.
  9. Removal of foul stench smells. If the stink seems to be coming from a living room or bedroom, chances are sickly guests growing in your carpet. Through cleaning not only deodorize but sanitize your carpets to best of health and hygiene.
  10. Outshines the appearance of any room. Clean, well-organized carpets speak loads about the overall cleanliness and hygiene level of a home or facility.
  11. Enhances occupational productivity and performance. People on work feel high-spirited and going in an environment that’s fresh and energizing. This involves clean carpeting.

Benefits of Modern carpet cleaning

Professional cleaning is always superlative than DIY cleaning not only in terms of quality but cost too. You buy ‘N’ number of products to test clean and then just keep getting trapped back then and not even able to get desirable results. However a onetime investment @ YOROOFY would not only be rationally less but the outcome that makes you demand more but there wouldn’t be any need actually for quite long.

That said, Cleaning on regular basis is certainly the way to keep your carpeting in as first class condition as possible, but what about the spillages, the fruit punches, the accidents? Certainly a Periodic professional tech-based cleaning that comes with numerous benefits like;

  • A best cleaning treatment for particular need can minimize any long term damage
  • Home and Office Remodeling with deep clean-up job.
  • liquid spills, semi-solid spills, oils, bleach and acidic spillages can all be treated well with specific carpet cleaning
  • Spotless, dirt-less, and flawless carpeting that is nothing but enticing
  • Prolongs the life and retains the durability & beauty of carpet
  • Healthy and Hopeful environment for humans and pets
  • Complete removal of dust dirt, mite and any allergens and foreign matter
  • Thoroughly Clean carpets is a blessing in disguise for those suffering with asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, breathing or other lung difficulties

Health benefits of carpet cleaning

Carpets and upholstery covered with dirt, dust, and stain patches not just harm their beauty and durability, while reducing the lifespan, but seriously induce health issues that can be a point of concern for well-being of inmates and pets.

Thus, its time you take a professional deep carpet cleaning appointment and start enjoying energized life.

How can you dissolve your health issues with carpet cleaning?

This said, there is numerous health benefits of carpet cleaning service, a few crucial ones are stated below for your awareness:

  1. Getting rid of allergens: filthy carpets are the breeding ground of indoor contamination and pollutants. Every day, the carpet hosts innumerable particle pollutants, bugs and cockroach allergens and the feces, saliva and shedding of skin flecks can trigger asthma and other allergies. These allergens act like dust mites infuriating the symptoms when kicked up in air (especially in children). Thus to thoroughly have your carpet cleaned is MUST to not invite any allergies.
  2. Health-giving: People who are suffering from sleep apnea, snoring, or other lung complications are more susceptible to experience health complexities if carpets are not cleaned and disinfected deeply. It requires a certain standard of carpet cleaning on a regular basis that can only be achieved via a professional cleaner. So, you actually do not need a doctor but a cleaner to keep yourself healthy and happy.
  3. Release & Removal of Pollutants & Pollution: Highly toxic airborne gases from oil or acidic liquid spillages get trapped in the carpet easily. No matter how much you clean and vacuum this carpet the gaseous trap cannot be removed completely thus triggering symptoms for chronic illness like sinus, flu or other breathing issues. Professionals use a specific graded carpet cleaning machine and solution that works effectively to kill the bacteria. Even their heavy-duty vacuuming like in powered hot water extraction can remove the pollutants and grime even from deep extent very effectively.
  4. Mold prevention: Mold is no less hazardous than other slops and scum. Mold gives rise to airborne embryos which can be inhaled easily. It even induces the growth of fungus and thus actively stimulates respiratory issues like runny nose, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, or wheezing. A dirty carpet is a perfect ground to produce and reproduce mold. The possibility of mold development is higher in the areas with higher humidity and your carpet is revealed to moisture. During rain, the raindrops can be captured indoors causing moisture to immerse into carpeting if you do not keep it washed and dry. Involving in regular carpet cleaning activity, can help prevent the mold and mildew development and maintain your health.
  5. Dust mite prevention: No matter how itsy-bitsy, invisible these dust mites are, they are simply atomic and can be called the “silent killer”. Generally, not coming into sight, these mites can cause chronic allergies like nasal congestion, chest congestion runny nose and watery eyes leading us to allergies. A Professional Carpet Cleaning is perfect way out to not only combat these minute particles of illness but for the pristine look that you might have been trying to achieve, while optimizing your health.
    Cleaning professionals use powered steam cleaning, baring the dust mites to a high temperature in which they fail to survive.
  6. Upgrading the Air Quality: Do you know powered vacuums can kill bacteria from the surface beneath your carpet? Yes, when breathing becomes difficult indoor, understand the germs have gotten suspended into the carpet, and it’s time to get your carpet a hot water extract. You will see the difference in quality and fragrance in air after cleaning the carpets properly. Carpet cleaning enhances indoor air quality and minimizes the chances of allergen-induced issues thus improvise breathing.
  7. Children health safety: Saturated sediment can be toxic to every human, but children are their easy target or say the worst sufferers. Kids spend most of the time on floor and you should not anticipate their immunity to be as solid as yours. Be it your home, or a playschool, or childcare, so far as the well-being of kids are concerned, you need to call cleaning professionals routinely to have the children in a healthy state.
  8. Thermal Insulation: A skilled cleaning service provides thermal insulation, that’s highly useful particularly during the winter. Usually, the manufacturers provide cleaning guidelines for their carpets including washing, vacuuming, professional cleaning, and carpet cleaning supplies.

Types of carpets & the type of cleaning various types require

Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Method is not only crucial for your carpet but also saves your precious time, money and efforts. Moreover, choosing the right cleaners is all the more important—for all the good reasons you already know.
Make sure you choose the right cleaning method consulting your cleaner or manufacturer, as opting for a wrong one might end up spoiling your carpet instead of making better its current condition.

By now you are already aware about the various methods that professionals use to clean carpets such as:-

  • Steam cleaning/Hot water extraction
  • Dry cleaning
  • Shampooing
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Bonneting

So, which can be the best for you is given below

Know the Right Carpet Cleaning Method for your Carpet

The key to choosing the appropriate method is to know what your carpet is made of. There are various kinds of carpet yarn and not all of the carpet cleaning technology aptly suits each type.

Carpet Fibers and the Right Cleaning Method

There are 3 kinds of carpet fibers:

  • Natural: Plants and animals are sources for natural fibers
  • Synthetic: Acrylic, nylon, Polyester or Polypropylene are some fibers used in synthetic carpets
  • Blends: These carpets are mix of natural and synthetic based materials. Wool and Nylon blend is the most commonly used in carpets with content 80% wool and 20% nylon

Your Carpet Fibers and the Right Cleaning Method— Leave it to the Pros


Wool is the natural material most favored by manufacturers, well-liked by buyers yet being most costly used for carpets. What made it a great choice is durability, fire safety, resilience to sand, stains and mild acidic solutions, and has soil cloaking characteristics. Carpets with wool fibers are not only costly but require regular maintenance.

Hot Water Extraction must be the most appropriate method to clean wool carpets. A water-based cleaning agent and high hot water extraction ensures no degradation of wool and also prevents it from discoloration. Though, it will take little longer for wool carpet to dry if you choose to hot water it because wool soaks moisture and thus the method itself takes longer for carpet to dry.

Also, using hot water on wool might cause your carpet to shrink, so don’t use it too frequently or if the carpet is not heavily soiled.

Avoid any technique that uses bleach-based products as it lead to dissolution wool. But you can also opt for dry or wet carpet cleaning methods that are able to clean wool properly. It provides quick drying and no dirt residues left behind. The technique is more suitable for moderately blemished carpets.


Nylon is the most common and feasible synthetic fiber used in composition of carpets. The fiber is acclaimed for its solidity, immunity and stain-resisting quality. Regular spot cleaning and vacuuming is not enough for nylon carpets as despite is stain-resistant quality, some sand and stains may remain penetrated in the fibers. So, a professional carpet cleaner can deep clean it thoroughly using motorized machine dry cleaning or foam cleaning which would be much easier and cheaper and easier compared to cleaning wool carpet and it even looks just as good.


Another most commonly and practically used synthetic material for a carpet is Polypropylene. Like other fibers it is also robust, resistant, durable, but it also has good color fastness (resistant to fading or running). Polypropylene carpets are not only cheaper than its wool and nylon counterparts but are also quite affordable in cleaning as compared to the other two.

However, Polypropylene fiber is not as irrepressible as wool or nylon and it easily attracts oil soaking it up in the yarn. This means that any oil-based spill or remnant will not be easily or self- cleaned from the fibers. Thus, steam cleaning is the most suitable for maintaining Polypropylene carpets.

A professional steam cleaning one to two times in a year depending upon the foot traffic and carpet condition is enough. For regular stain removal and cleaning, you can use any cleaning solution, including household bleach, baking soda (“for a 100 %”) Polypropylene carpet.

Frequency of carpet cleaning

With thoroughly cleaned once, "A carpet can be dry vacuumed twice a month so that the dirt from the external environment doesn’t become embedded in the fibers. You should get your carpet hot water extraction or steam cleaned at least one to two times a year, definitely depending upon the volume of traffic it receives."

Why we recommended hot water extraction to other methods?

It is because that these processes carefully and thoroughly lifts all the dirt and debris while extracting moisture from the fibers- you get better suction & hotter water- thus being more optimal and gentle to the yarn."

That said, the job can be done to its effective most only by a professional cleaner.

Followed which homeowners can practice some Do-it-yourself- buying home carpet cleaner spray and just vacuum it up two to three times a month. Howbeit, be cautious about using tools with swirling brushes- "it yanks and tears open the tops of the yarn." Carpets are better off not scrubbed

On this, we assert that quality carpeting that is well maintained can last up to 20 years, so your manufacturer’s warranty becomes a crucial consideration.

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