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Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon

Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon


A safe and clean home is a place where we feel good and healthy. A place where we can live with our loved ones without worrying about hygiene or bacteria infecting us. Even though we clean our houses daily, there still remains some unnoticed areas which are left polluted and from there starts the spreading of bacteria in the entire home. At such a precedent time, living in a clean surrounding is of utmost importance. Hiring a maid will not be enough since most of the time they do leave places without cleaning them. Thus, contacting a cleaning expert team who are experienced staff will ensure the deep cleaning of your house.

At YOROOFY, you will get the best house care as our cleaning team have experience of more than 20 years and they are well-trained. Our company provides deep cleaning services in Gurgaon intending to deliver high-end services to our customers and make them happy. We use unique techniques and methods for home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon. Our services include cleaning for residential, commercial houses and laundry & dry cleaning as well. You will gain the ultimate experience and we will leave you with the greatest fulfillment.

Our Services

1.     Sofa Cleaning

Every home has sofas in their living room which is a place where everyone sits together. Even when you have guests, they most probably sit on the couch only and this can add up the amount of infection that is left behind on the sofa. You can get all of it cleaned by availing yourself of the deep cleaning services in Gurgaon.

2.     Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are likely surrounded by bacteria, dirt, and dust and should be cleaned timely. In Gurgaon and Delhi NCR region, thousands of carpets are purchased daily and since they are huge, cleaning them on your own is quite difficult. Moreover, their fabrics are often tender and need to be washed with proper care. Therefore, using professional cleaning services will eliminate the harm.

3.     Kitchen Cleaning-

A kitchen is a place where the food we consume is prepared. To make sure that it is safe and hygienic, a clean environment is necessary. Also, while preparing food a lot of heat is generated and that heat is turned into dust inside the chimneys. Our services provide deep cleaning of chimneys and kitchen thereby removing all the dust particles surrounding the area.

4.     Washroom Cleaning-

By taking the advantage of deep cleaning services in Gurgaon, you can be assured of a high standard cleaned bathroom. People usually get life-threatening diseases such as typhoid, Hepatitis B, Herpes, Food Poisoning from bacteria lying around in the bathroom. Deep cleansing of tiles, cabinets, shower faucet, surfaces, will ensure ultimate hygiene and removal of accumulated bacteria of all sorts.

5.     Chimney Cleaning-

Food is our life and without it, we might die. But eating healthy and clean food is important to prevent any disease. Frequently while cooking, the oil debris left in the chimney falls on the stove or in the food we are preparing to leave us to eat unhygienic food. Thus, using the home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon will obliterate the likelihood of unwanted virus.

What is Included in Apartment/House Deep Cleaning?

Even if you are a cleaning enthusiast, there will always be some areas left behind uncleaned and inflected. Using the right tools and products for specific areas and furnishing will verify the deep cleaning of your house or apartment. Under our house cleaning services in Gurgaon, each space is covered-

  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Washroom
  • Door & Windows
  • Light & Fan
  • Sofa dry vacuuming
  • Chimney Outside
  • Fridge Outside
  • Carpet Dry Vacuuming
  • Dry Dusting of Wall and Ceiling
  • Cupboard from Outside
  • Exhaust Fan
  • Cob Removal
  • Cleaning Slab and tiles
  • Corner Tops, mirror and shelves cleaned and wiped
  • showers and taps
  • cleaning of WC and Washbasin
  • Carpet Vacuuming

With everything included in our house deep cleaning package, find a contractor by contacting us and getting your house cleaned thoroughly. Our cleaning staff ascertains that-

  • Furnishings, lights, and fitting are accurately dusted,
  • Since the pandemic has integrated people towards cleanliness and a healthy environment, home cleaning services in Gurgaon are very much in demand for residential house cleaning.

Difference between House General Cleaning & House Deep Cleaning?

House General Cleaning involves using basic techniques of cleaning but these are not sufficient to remove all sorts of bacteria present in our surroundings. It will need further assistance and cleaning for the rigorous elimination of pollutants.

We often hire a maid or a cleaner who uses a soft cloth to muck out the dust but 60% of these dust particles are normally left behind. Unless you are using the required tools for deep cleaning, your home will remain unclean in some spaces.

Through house deep cleaning, every stubborn bacteria is eliminated as our professionals use multiple tools & products specifically for each space. Moreover, continuous cleansing of the house enables us to reach hard-to-find areas as well. Henceforth, acquiring the help of professional home deep cleaning service providers in Gurgaon will take away your worries about a safe home. YOROOFY will help you with achieving the target of a healthy surrounding.

House Deep cleaning includes-

House deep cleaning includes every section of your house including deep cleaning of bathrooms & kitchen is a must as these areas are those where we need deep cleaning the most. Taps, windows, tiles, kitchen shelves, kitchen floors, bathroom floors need chemical treatment.

Service Included:

  • Dry Dusting of wall and ceiling
  • Wiping the wooden furniture.
  • Every door and door frames to be cleaned
  • Cobweb removal.
  • Floor mopping.
  • Wet-vacuuming of curtains
  • Inside of windows to be cleaned and wiped (external too if safe access is provided).
  • Cleaning of lighting fixture
  • Cupboard cleaning from outside
  • All floors to be washed using the right type of chemicals.

What is included in Bathroom Deep Cleaning?

Our company provides a wide variety of deep cleaning services in Gurgaon for residential, commercial, industrial, and retail. We use high-end tools specifically designed for deep replenishment of spaces in the bathroom including tiles, cabinets, toilet seat, faucets, etc., and we make sure that they are disinfected to the highest standard. There are plenty of benefits with getting your bathroom deep cleaning such as-

  • Sterilizing and sanitizing the toilet and bathroom facilities up to the mark of a hotel standard.
  • Rigorously cleaning faucets, cabinets, washbasin, fixtures, shower, and tops.
  • Cleaning meticulously to remove all the disinfectants or bacteria and preventing their growth. Also, eliminating the probability of catching illnesses like typhoid fever, Cholecystitis, Impetigo, Hepatitis B, etc.
  • Increasing the satisfaction of the residents by enhancing the hygiene of their bathroom.
  • Deep cleaning of tough areas such as tiles, floor, or commodes that are hard to clean.
  • Washing off all the bacteria which does not go away with normal scrub on walls and tiles.

Bathroom deep cleaning includes-

  • Deep Cleaning of floor & tiles
  • Dusting and cob removal
  • Cleaning of WC and Washbasin
  • Corner tops, mirrors and shelves cleaned and wiped.
  • Windows & Exhaust Fan
  • Showers and Taps

What is included in Kitchen Deep Cleaning?

If you’re looking for home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon especially for your kitchen, YOROOFY is there for you to serve whatever you need. YOROOFY is the perfect solution for the sanitization problem of your kitchen and deeply cleanse the spaces with its well-trained expert professional staff.

We use standardized products for disinfecting the tiles, stove, slabs, burners, oven, microwave, etc.The entire kitchen including the refrigerator, chimneys, and cabinets is thoroughly cleaned from outside only. Any dust, oil debris, or oil droplets on the walls of the kitchen are removed by using specific tools and chemicals.

Even they control pests which grow out from sink or hidden areas and can be dangerous for us. You might have seen cockroaches, or mosquitoes running here and there on slabs or near the sink.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning includes-

  • Dusting and cob removal
  • Cleaning for slap & tiles
  • Wiping of appliances from outside
  • Cabinets from outside
  • Floor cleaning
  • kitchen chimney
  • Windows & Exhaust fan

Is the sofa & carpet part of a deep cleaning?

Yes, sofa and carpet cleaning is part of deep cleaning. YOROOFY is the topmost deep cleaning services in Gurgaon with more than 20 years of its establishment.

A sofa is known to be the widely used furniture at our home and is obligated to get dirty from sweat, dust, or dirt. Cleaning it with utmost accuracy is crucial as it can generate multiple bacteria within itself and can infect many people. Cleaning a sofa on your own is not easy and requires the assistance of a professional cleaner. The fabrics of the sofa are delicate and if cleaned without proper guidance can result in damage to the fabric. Our professionals at YOROOFY use mechanized products to clean the sofa to ensure that it looks brand new.

In India, carpets and rugs are trending and people near Gurgaon and Delhi NCR often purchase them in bulk. These hand-knotted carpets are made with the utmost care by the artisans and the fabric used is very delicate. Carpets have an elegant way of welcoming the guests to our home but they should be sparkling and shining. Thus, the beauty of the carpets is sustained by keeping the dirt at bay and that can be done with the help of home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon.

Benefits of Apartment/Home Deep Cleaning?

Getting your home or apartment deep cleaned will provide you great satisfaction with regards to hygiene and cleanliness. Home cleaning services in Gurgaon will help you in sanitizing your house deeply thereby removing every kind of bacteria from your home. YOROOFY will deliver high-end service which will benefit you immensely.

  • People do not like cleaning the bathroom on their own and usually seek help from outside cleaners or housekeeping. Only professionals can clean the toilets to the core, cleaning them every day to prevent illness.
  • The likelihood of catching disease or illness is reduced manifold after using the help of deep cleaning services in Gurgaon.
  • Clean environment ensured by the cleaning team. It involves dumping all the waste material or garbage and cleaning the area properly.

Home Deep cleaning vs Residential Pest Control

People find it time-consuming or could not spare some time for cleaning their home. Over time, dust and dirt start accumulating on furniture, bedrooms, kitchen, living area, etc., a sign of illness pacing its way into the house. Well, they do not have to worry anymore. Availing the help of Home Deep Cleaning Services in Gurgaon will reduce your worry by taking care of your house.

Primarily, home deep cleaning services involve the furnishing of bedrooms, living area, bathroom, kitchen with the deep involvement of professional cleaning staff.

  • For the bedroom and living room, the cleaning staff wipes off the floor, windows, and mirror. Take out the trash from the bin and clean it.
    • For the bathroom, they sanitize the whole area- faucet, shower, cabinet, toilet seat by using proper tools and chemicals.
    • For the kitchen, they clean out the chimneys, stove, sink ensuring no pests grew out of it.

Pest such as cockroaches, rats, spiders, insects, etc., can cause heavy damage to the property as well as to your health. Keeping them from arising is paramount to eliminate the loss of life and mundane things. Every season some kind of pests are born out and harm us and neglecting them might result in an unanticipated situation. Accordingly, YOROOFY offers house deep cleaning services in Gurgaon and blocks the passage of growth of these pests.

Checklist of House Deep Cleaning

It is essential to keep our house clean and environment friendly and only an expert can do that. Even appointing a maid or housekeeping does not provide complete dissemination of neatness. A professional expert will apply modern methods while cleaning the house and hire well-trained staff who are talented and have high expertise in this field.

Due to corona virus, cities that are most prone to the virus such as Delhi NCR, Gurgaon are in dire need of sanitization and cleaning the environment regularly. Especially the household or residential houses that want their home to be virus-free to save themselves from getting infected. With YOROOFY, the need can be reduced. Our professionals deliver the following services for house cleaning-

Bedrooms, Living room, and another area

  • Cleaning the floors, tiles, mirrors, windows and glass fixtures.
    • Wiping off the dust from cupboards and tables/furniture.
    • Purifying the room with room freshener.
    • Emptying the garbage from the bin
    • Wiping the blades of the fan


  • Scrubbing, wiping, and washing the tiles. Also, the stubborn marks on the tiles are reduced using the special product.
    • Wiping the mirrors with disinfectant.
    • Purifying the bathroom with an air freshener.
    • Dusting the dirt or dust from accessible areas.
    • Washing and disinfecting the toilet area. Special tools are used to clean the toilet as there are spaces that are hard to clean.
    • Cleaning shower, faucets, cabinets properly and washing every item with a clean cloth.


  • Cleaning shelves from the inside. Using the tools to clean off the tough-to-clean areas. The shelves should be emptied before cleaning them.’
  • Cleaning the stove, burner, and counter. Also, removing the oil marks or oil droplets, vegetable residual or any liquid stain.
  • Dusting the areas that have dust and dirt.
  • Most importantly, cleaning the refrigerator from inside and outside. The fridge should be kept clean since the food we eat is stored in it.
  • Washing and cleaning the windows or mirrors.
  • Another important part is cleaning the sink. The sink often clogs due to solid residual. Our experts use a special material to clean them off.

Why do you need professional house deep cleaning?

Expert hands are required to handle your expensive floors & furniture

Buying expensive furniture or floor tiles comes with heavy maintenance as well. Cleaning them with a mere dusting cloth does not clean off the dirt present on them. Also, mopping the floor with normal water or some floor washer will not bring back the shine of the expensive tile. Thus, to sustain your furniture and floor for the long-term, hiring deep house cleaning services in Gurgaon will cater to your needs and give you satisfaction.

Professionals have equipment’s

Professional cleaners use special tools and chemicals to sanitize the places. They have a manual as well as mechanical equipment that helps in cleaning. Manual equipment such as microfiber cloth for removing dust, brooms to clean tough-to-reach areas, sponges for wiping the tiles etc. While the mechanical equipment includes a vacuum cleaner which cleans off the dust or dirt from inside the sofa, a floor scrubber to bring the shine etc.

Knowledge of the best chemicals which will give you best results, without harming your fixtures

Professionals have deep knowledge about the chemicals that are best for deep cleaning at home and which will give expendable results without any harm. These experts have years of experience after testing multiple chemicals and choosing the best one. Sanitizers and disinfectants are commonly used to destroy the pests, bacteria, germs, or pathogens present on the surface of furniture, toilets, etc.

Can I do home deep cleaning myself?

Yes, it is possible but it requires immense knowledge, expertise, training, and experience to conduct a home deep cleaning on your own. Getting help or advice from a professional expert can be of great help and they will also help you in correcting your mistakes. Also, they will let you know about things that you are not even aware of related to cleaning and bacteria that revolves around us.

How long should it take to clean a house?

Typically it depends on the size of the house and how many rooms it has. More the bathrooms, the more time it will take to clean a house because the bathroom is very sensitive when it comes to cleaning and should be disinfected with proper care and time. Time taken to clean the house of different sizes along with several person living is mentioned below-

  • 2 BHK, 2-3 Person | 5-6 Hours
  • 3 BHK, 3-4 Person | 6-7 Hours
  • 4 BHK, 3-4 Person | 6-8 Hours

How to keep your Villa clean and tidy all the time & throughout the year?

Cleaning a villa is a huge task. A villa consists of plenty of bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, garden, workout area, kitchen, dining room, and much more. Thus, cleaning all of it requires a lot of hard work and a lot of professional experts.

  • Imparting proper training and knowledge to the housekeeping staff can ensure that your villa stays clean and tidy throughout the year.
    • Also, hiring a professional person is essential and can guide the staff.
    • Moreover, using specialized manual and mechanical equipment is also necessary since they play a huge role in the cleaning process. Make sure to keep the proper stock of the equipment intact.
    • Make sure to get your housekeeping to clean the areas at least twice a day. This will ensure the prevention of bacteria and removal of any pests arising.
    • Clean the bins regularly and change them timely so that bacteria stay away.

What is required in Post Construction cleaning?

Our well-trained manpower takes utmost care of your building. They will manage top to down cleaning of the building. YORROFY has worked with many and delivered excellent services.

For Post construction cleaning, the following checklist is required that helps the cleaners to know what needs to be done so that everything is cleaned out.

  • Cleaning of all the floors
  • Spot cleaning of walls
  • Vacuuming and cleaning of rugs or carpets and upholstery
  • Wiping and cleaning of every mirror, window, or tiles
  • Cleaning of furniture and fixture
  • Stripping skirting area and cleaning the wall tiles
  • Removing the paint marks from fixtures or furniture like a switchboard
  • Attaching the fixtures properly
  • Cleaning dust from doors, door handles, or door frames
  • Steaming the areas if required and disinfecting it
  • Cleaning and dusting of the tables, cupboards, rooms, etc.

What is specifically required in move-in, move-out cleaning?

For this purpose, various other equipment is necessary that is used for cleaning the inside space. Moreover, it also involves cleaning the house even if you are staying or renting it out. Even if all of the furniture is gone, we still clean it for you for the next tenant to experience a safe and clean home.

For availing move-in, move-out service, get the assistance of home deep cleaning services in Gurgaon who offers excellent services with 100% satisfaction.

Cleaning after renovation?

Renovation takes up a lot of time and disintegrates the entire house. Also, after renovation, many debris, dust, dirt are left behind that needs to be cleaned up. You will find dust everywhere and that will make you feel awful.

Even the floor, skirting area, switchboards might be covered in paint stains which need to be addressed quickly. Therefore, our cleaning staff makes sure that the house is properly cleaned up. The staff focuses on-

  • Vacuuming the carpets and upholstery
  • Cleaning the door handles, door frames, and doors.
  • Wiping off the windows, mirrors, and tiles
  • Cleaning the dust from accessible areas such as cupboards, furniture
  • Removing the paint stain from fixtures
  • Disinfecting the area by using proper products


Living in a healthy and clean environment is a need of the hour especially during such dreadful times. Coronavirus has made us realize how important it is to clean our surroundings regularly and live in a healthy place since it is a virus that has created a pandemic. Those who do not have time to clean out their home should contact YOROOFY, a deep cleaning service in Gurgaon. We hire trained staff under the guidance of professionals with years of experience in this field. Moreover, we thrive to deliver quality work to our customers with 100% satisfaction. Also, since many people use old techniques of cleaning their home, we constantly introduce new innovative methods along with the old ones to integrate the value of our customer’s beliefs. We provide end-to-end service using the latest technology for cleaning and products with government approved chemicals and deliver quality service.

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